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Dress // Shoes // Earrings

From the time we woke up, to the time we went to bed, our days were planned out in Nashville! The one thing none of us knew about, was a surprise! SheaLeigh planned an event with Kendra Scott for us and kept it a secret right up until we started getting ready! Best surprise ever, right!? When we got there they had a huge banner made with our hashtag, champagne, and the color bar open for us! So awesome!!!  But it keeps getting better…  We each got to pick a piece (up to $80) to design at the Color Bar!!!! I can’t even tell you all how overwhelmed I was by all the choices. From rings, earrings, necklaces, to stone colors, and shapes, I was in my most indecisive state ever. At first I was getting earrings. Then I had my heart set on a ring. Finally, I decided on a necklace…. After I made it though, I was like, “I gotta have the choker and ring to match!” So I ended up walking out of there with 3 pieces that I absolutely love and know I will get my wear out of them!

Here they are:

However, at the Color Bar they have a necklace called the ‘Mason Y’ Necklace! I designed it but the Y necklace above is very similar. I wanted to keep my stones cohesive so I chose the ‘Ivory’ color for my ring and both my necklaces. I’m a matchy, matchy kinda girl and these were the ones that just kinda spoke to me! Ivory seemed like the best color choice because I wear it with almost everything. If I learned anything from this adventure to KS it’s that you can’t go wrong with any piece! It was fun watching all the girls create their own, based on their individual style. If you’re going to splurge on something, have it be a piece of jewelry! It’s something you wear everyday and will have for the rest of your life!


NA-KD Ruffle Top

Top NA-KD  White Denim Red Dress Boutique  Black Slides Steve Madden Sunglasses Ray-Ban  Tassel Earrings Charming Charlie

I’m feeling like I just walked off a Michael Jackson music video set in this outfit. And I’m definitely not complaining. The ruffle sleeves, buckle slides, and sunglasses are giving me the 80/90’s vibes. Btw, my favorite MJ song is probably, “I just can’t stop loving you”! What’s yours!?

So let’s talk about this top! It’s so dang chic!!! The material has a rich silk feeling to it. Not to mention it’s very soft and comfortable! I think it’d be great to wear in the fall and winter because it traps the heat!  If you’re wondering about the size, I got a Small and it fit almost perfectly. It was kind of short so I tucked it in and wore a belt. If you’re looking to make a statement this is the way to go!! There’s no denying those adorable ruffles!

Today’s post is courtesy of NA-KD!

You can shop the look with the links above or by the pics below!


Floral Dress & Blue Accessories

Dress Romwe  Earrings & Link Bracelet Baublebar  Crossbody Bag Charming Charlie  Pom Sandals Dizzy

I am back in Kentucky after a fun weekend in Nashville, with my blogger babes! We all met about a year ago, through Instagram, and finally planned out a weekend for us! I’m going to be sharing a huge recap soon of all the things we did and clothes we wore!  There are some really cute pics, outfits, and jewelry! Seriously can’t wait to show y’all!! So stay tuned!

I feel like my summer wardrobe is slowly coming to an end since I’ve only been buying fall, transitional pieces. But while the summer heat is still here, I wanted to share this adorable dress! Simple, spaghetti strap dresses, like this one, are so fun! I call this the throw it on and go look! Since you don’t really have to layer up or style much they are just easy to wear!  Dresses with patterns and prints are also super simple to accessorize. I normally just pop in one of the colors and keep it minimal! With this dress I was feeling the royal blue! Love how this outfit came together <3

Hope you all are off to a great Monday & have a fabulous week!

xoxo, T


5 Tips To Get Your Morning Started

Sweatshirt  |  Shorts  |  Shoes  |  Glasses

Happy Friday!!! I’m off to Nashville to meet some of my blogger babes for a fun weekend! Since I knew I had to be up early and my sleep schedule is thrown off from India, I kinda wanted to regroup my morning routine and share it with you all! Here’s some tips, thoughts, and suggestions (for you & for me!)

  • I know I should get better about setting an alarm and getting on a set sleeping schedule, but while C is still in college classes it’s almost impossible. Sleep comes and goes. The one thing that stays constant is.. I roll over, check the time, and open the notifications on my phone.  I’ve read studies about how you shouldn’t start your morning on social media or checking emails. Let’s be realistic though, half of my job takes place on my phone. I joke about it, but it’s my lifeline. After a quick glimpse at my phone, I click publish on my blog post. You’ve probably noticed some mornings they may go live at 6 A.M., majority of them go live around 9 A.M.
  • Stop and look at the roses (or whatever flowers I have in my vase). When I look at fresh blooms I tell myself it’s a new day, with new beginnings. Appreciate what I have and count my blessings!
  • Drink a glass of tea or ice water, with a squeezed lemon wedge. I read everywhere lemon water is suppose to help your metabolism. I guess I still believe that 😉
  • Read a bible verse or daily devotion. I have an app on my phone that I like to use. I also keep a couple books on my nightstand and in my office.
  • Plan out my day… In my head or on a post it note I like to set my goals and to-do-list. Each time I get to check one off I really like it!

Let me know what else you all like to do to get your morning routine started!!

Have a great weekend!

xoxo, T


Luxury Scent Box

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Luxury Scent Box is a company that allows you to “explore your senses, one fragrance at a time”.

To all y’all more about it, t’s a monthly subscription to a variety of authentic designer fragrances. You start off by discovering what types of scents you might like by being paired with a fragrance specialist that will help match you to your preferences. From there you can create a profile, take a short survey, and receive all your recommendations. Each month you can add scents to your calendar and create a timeline for receiving which ones you want. Then, for $15 you recieve .30 fl oz. of a luxurious smell, in a travel size case. Personally, I love these fragrance bottles because they are small. Makes them great for traveling, to keep in your bag, or throw in your car. I have mine scattered everyone. My apartment, my parent’s house, my car, in purses. You never know when you might need a spritz to freshen you up!

Another great thing about this box is that it allows you to test out a variety of fragrances. I’m super picky when it comes to my perfumes. I have a sensitive sense of smell, so the littlest aroma can give me a headache. When I was asked which types I was drawn to I knew exactly how to describe my preferences. Now they send me ones tailored to my wants and I get to see which ones I really like. When I find a favorite, I keep it in mind, yet I still keep testing others as well.

For $15 a month I say give it a go! I have a feeling y’all are going to love trying out all the designer fragrances as much as I Do!


You can also sign up for the Luxury Scent Box “Extras”:

  • Choose any fragrance during the month
  • $18 each
  • Includes Case (love my black velvet case. I never have to worry about it leaking out)
  • Free Shipping (ships wishing 1-3 business days after your order is placed)

My deepest thoughts on India

 Everyone always says, traveling is good for the soul. I couldn’t agree more! Not only do you learn things about another place and the culture, you learn little things about yourself along the way.

My time in India was short but so eye-opening. Throughout the entirety of the trip I kept telling Clint all the things I was thankful for and I wanted to share them with you all, along with what I learned. Today’s post kind of ties up my Indian travels. I’m leaving it on a real note with you all in hopes to give you a glimpse into my emotions/feelings. Most of y’all only see fun pictures, but I promise there was much more to it than just that!

My tips, thoughts, blessings, and suggestions:
  • Be Prepared to Travel- tickets, e-visas, credit cards (call them before you leave – I had trouble with mine), medicine, passport.. if it crosses your mind, take it!
  • Travel with someone you love. I know that sounds a little silly, but seriously. This trip Clint & I never left each others sides. Everything we experienced, we experienced together. It changed us and our perspective of what’s really important in life. Going on a trip like this is life changing and you want to share it with someone you genuinely care about. Not to mention you’re with them 24/7
  • Ice. In India it’s rare that you have ice in your water. Since we always ordered bottles they would bring it out with just a glass. It wasn’t until I didn’t have ice that I realized how thankful I really was for it.
  • Count your blessings twice. We all say it, but do we really ever do it?  This trip made me reconsider everything special in my life and what I hold dear to my heart. I learned that material things aren’t what matters. It’s family, friends, and God. Over there I witnessed how individuals get by on so little. They survive not off money, cars, and the finer things in life, but just off what they can make. They take it day by day. Their focus isn’t on what they can buy but how they can live. Imagine if that’s what we were all like. Aside from material things think about how much love we could spread.
  • Thank goodness for Amazon Prime…. like I take 2 day delivery so forgranted. Over there Amazon Prime is irrelevant and they all get along just fine. I’ll order groceries, food, medicine, clothes, books, gadgets, accessories, & etc. only to have it delivered within the next 48 hours. Do you know how lucky we all are to have that in our lives!?
  • Sewage system and America’s infrastructure. Kinda weird I’m thankful for these two things? Not really, I just needed an experience to make me realize. On our drive from Agra to New Delhi it started storming. It felt like the rain was never going to end. The worst part about it was that the rain had nowhere to go. It just flooded the streets and sidewalks. It got to a point where I didn’t know how we were even going to make it our hotel. I leaned over to Clint and said, “this would never happen in Kentucky.” When it rains, we hop in our car, and go about our daily business. In India they have to shut everything down and hope people escape from the flooding.
  • Grocery stores and markets. It’s no secret life in India is very different. Where we go to shop at Wal Mart or Target for the things we need, they shop along their sidewalks. Booths were set up, garages and shops were open,  their were moving fruit wagons, and food/drink carts were everywhere. This is how they get their supplies. Forget going to SAM’s Club or Costco.
  • Appreciate what you have. This kind of goes along with count your blessing twice.
  • Be Thankful for everything.. good, bad, sad, wrong, happy.. Seeing India in a new perspective made me think, no matter how big my problems are or the troubles that are thrown my way, it could always be worst. My worst isn’t even the worst.

This experience taught me to live life with love. Put my heart first and not my head.  Until next time India… and to wherever my heart takes me next.. Thank you Lord!

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9


Taj Mahal

Dress Red Dress Boutique  Gladiator Sandals (similar pair)

If there’s one thing I learned from this trip, it’s that traveling is good for the soul. Especially when you get to visit a once in a lifetime destination. The Taj Mahal, one of the new 7 wonders of the world, is too beautiful for me to even try to portray.

Let’s recap the day. We got up super early that morning (around 7 A.M.) to try to beat the crowds and heat. Right before we walked in there was a line of photographers asking if we wanted them to take our pics and we could purchase them at the end. At first we were like, nah we got this, but then I told C might as well. Which looking back, I am so glad we did! We didn’t have to fool with the hassle of stopping every couple of minutes and interrupting our tour to get pictures. Plus I consider these a keepsake that will last forever!

Overall we spent about two hours exploring the gardens and the Taj Mahal. It was so nice because it wasn’t super busy and we could take our time. Inside we got to really admire the marble, stones, and architecture. Our tour guide told us from October to April it’s normally so packed you can’t even stand inside. We went when it was considered their off season. Lucky us!!

They also just happened to be cleaning the Taj Mahal when we were there. This is normally a 4 year process, that they complete every 25 years. So if you notice the scaffolds in the back that’s what those are for! It still didn’t take away from the beauty of this palace. Pictures honestly don’t do it justice. When you are up close, witnessing it all, it’ll leave in you in awe. The marble is the most fascinating part. Inside everything is symmetrical. All the designs you see with stones and settings had to be done twice. Think about how long it would take to cut the blood stones, turquoise,  onyx, jade, and etc. into the same shape multiple times. Years and years and year. That’s why it took approximately 20 years to complete, with over 20,000 workers!

Did you know that the king built this just for his wife? He wanted to have something in memory of her. The sad part is he was thrown in prison (Agra Fort), by his son, because he was spending too much money on building the Taj Mahal. Therefore, he never got to witness the palace. He only saw it from afar. Inside the Taj Mahal, in the very center, there are two marble stone tombs. One for the king and one for the queen. The kings tomb is actually a little taller than the queens. That’s the only thing that isn’t symmetrical about the Taj Mahal.

I could probably ramble on all day about the history of the Taj Mahal and share tons of facts with you all, but I’ll keep it short! If you have any questions just send them my way! And if you haven’t inferred, this is a sight I totally recommend seeing in your lifetime!

I’m adding the 7 wonders to my bucket list now! But I have a feeling this might be my all time fav!  When you plan a trip and need suggestions, let me know! I’m all yours!

xoxo, T


Travel Guide to India: Jaipur, Agra, Dellhi

All last week I shared some of my favorite moments from my India trip. Today I’m launching the travel vlog, tomorrow I’ll be sharing my Taj Mahal pictures, and Wednesday I’m writing about what India taught me  (traveling, life, blessings, love.. all of it!) Honestly, I could probably share blog posts over the next week or two from this trip but to keep y’all entertained I’m picking and choosing.

There’s so much to talk about with you all I’m not sure where to even begin. If you’ve been following me for a while now, then you probably know about all the troubles we encountered with this trip. For starters, our e-visas weren’t approved in time. We had to reschedule the entire trip. It was such a mess. Then the day we get ready to leave C forgets to print his e-visa (insert laughing emoji). I told the entire story in this post. On top of all the little things, I think the hardest physical thing about this trip was the time change and jet lag. I never really adjusted to the 9 1/2 hour difference. My sleep schedule was all thrown off and still is. Every night, around 3 – 4 A.M I wake up and can’t get back to bed until around 8.. It’s so bad.. I’m hoping melatonin fixes this issue ASAP! But I’ll take a little lack of sleep for every moment I got to experience. I’ve said it a million times, and I’m saying it again, “this trip was AMAZING.”

Here’s a look at our overall itinerary:

  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday Morning- Tour Jaipur- The City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Textile Shop, Stone Jewelry Workshop, The Palace of Wind, Amber Fort & Palace, The Monkey Temple, Flower Market, Spice Shop, Brila Temple, The Water Palace, & Camel Ride)
  • Sunday Afternoon – stopped at the
  • Monday- Visit the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, watch craftsman make marble pieces
  • Tuesday- Tour Brila Temple in New Delhi, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Foreign Embassies, India Gate, Lotus Temple, & Qutub Minar

And a roundup of Instagram Pics!


Tassel Romper // Black Wool Hat // Maroon Tee // Tassel Pom Pom Shorts // Sandals

To expand a little more on our itinerary and a recommendation of the places you must see/visit if you’re traveling to India!

In Jaipur:

We spent our first two days in Japiur and I felt as if we could spent our last three there as well. There were so many things to see and experience.

  1. Jantar Mantar- The Astronomical Sight! Clint really enjoyed this!
  2. Visit a Wood Block Printing Textile Shop- So neat to see how the design textiles and fabrics!
  3. Watch craftsman shape and polish stones into jewels- The ruby stones were my favorite! (even though amethyst is my birthstone)
  4. Stop by The Water Palace (although you can’t go in it, it’s beautiful to see!)

In Agra:

  1. Taj Mahal- If you only see this, then I think you’re set for life! It’s the main attraction!
  2. Sheraton Four Points Hotel- we stayed here and highly recommend it! The rooms were perfection and they had a great assortment of restaurants and food!

In Delhi:

Since we only had 1 day here (well like half a day because we went to the airpot around 5 P.M.) we tried to squeeze everything in! It was a great day but also very tiring! I recommend spending two days there!

  1. India Gate – it’s a must
  2. Brila Mandir Temple- I told Clint this temple reminded me of Disney World. Something about the architecture was so whimsical.
  3. Lotus Temple- truly an amazing work of art! seriously, a building that’s a work of art.. you gotta see it!!


Hope you all have enjoyed all the posts up until now! Please let me know if you have questions or comments!! And I would love feedback on my vlog! This is my first one, so it was definitely a learning experience! It took me forever to edit, cut, add music, sound over.. and I probably could’ve spent even longer on it. For now, this is what I’m working with & I’m pretty proud of it!! There will definitely be more to come!


The Monkey Temple

Pants |  One Shoulder Bodysuit | Shoes (I promise I planned on sandals then it started raining..) | Earrings

Ask me what my favorite animal was as a kid! Go ahead, do it! Ask my parents what I begged and begged for all my life!? Go ahead, ask! Ask my friends what they would get me for my birthday or what my 15th birthday theme was!? Yeah, I give you permission to ask.

Judging by these pics though, you probably already know. A monkey.. 5 monkeys, 10 monkeys.. just some type of monkey. And no, not a stuffed animal one. I wanted a living, breathing one! Once, I did a project on Orangutans and after that I was hooked. In my mind I came up with this grand scheme of how I could put one in our basement and turn the room into a jungle. I was really just trying to convince my parents to give in and get me one. They probably knew what I was asking was out of the question and I was a bit crazy. But hey, that didn’t stop me. I kept on and on.

Moral of the story, I’ve been obsessed with these animals from a young age. And when I saw that this tour took you to visit The Monkey Temple it was all I could look forward to. I was pretty bummed when it started pouring down as soon as we got there but we managed to make the best of it. Noticing by the pictures you can probably tell my hair was a hot mess! It was soaking wet and going everywhere. In some of the pictures you can even see the rain drops on the camera lens. Makes for good memories though.

We waited under cover for about 45 minutes until it stopped. The monkeys aren’t fond of the rain so they were hiding throughout the buildings. After playing the waiting game we headed up to the temple. It’s set up with 3 different levels and the monkeys roam everywhere throughout them. The first level was when we became acquainted by these animals. My pants kept blowing in the wind and one of the monkeys came after them. Maybe they thought it was a toy they could play with so they went running with it. (insert crying laughing emoji here) From this point on I jumped every time one came near me. You try having one chase your pants.

During the time I spent trying to keep my distance from them Clint was soaking up every moment he could get with them. We took a bag of bananas with us to feed them. The moment the monkeys spotted it they would attack you. Literally!!! Clint kept hiding it under his rain jacket and one tried to rip it off! Total savages is how I describe them! Bananas must be their true love (who can blame them though? bananas and peanut butter is my all time favorite meal).

After Clint had five monkeys on him at one time I figured I could try to handle feeding one. We found a secluded area and I attempted to get a banana out. By that time I had 8 set of monkey eyes on me and I got scared. I threw the banana down and took 10 frantic steps back… But I told them I was not leaving the monkey temple without having a monkey on my shoulders. It’s a once in a lifetime thing, right!? (You’ll notice I say that about almost every experience on this trip.) Right as we were leaving I said, “ok Torunn, suck it up.”

When we got to the first level I spotted a small monkey, went and stood by it, grabbed the banana, and let him come to me. I don’t remember much from the moment except that his feet felt like fuzzy rubber. I was terrified they were going to scratch me but their toes are similar to ours so that wasn’t the case at all.  While he was on my shoulder he peeled back the banana and chomped it up before any of his friends came. Within a total of 15 seconds I had a monkey, eating a banana, on my back, and it was pure joy. God thank you for these creatures, that experience, and for not letting my pants get ripped off me.

If you ever have the chance to go to the Monkey temple, go and don’t think twice! Watching these creatures interact, eat, and jump is unlike anything you will ever experience! Their mannerisms remind me of humans. You’ll be in awe and amazement! Definitely a Top 10 bucket list item for me!

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barefoot at Birla

The Indian cultures and rituals are unlike anything I’ve ever heard of or seen. There’s so many that I can’t quite remember all that I’ve learned. It just meshes all together. However, there’s one thing I will never forget. That’s walking through the Birla Mandir Temple barefoot. Here in India it’s very normal to see individuals without shoes. Almost everywhere I look I see men, women, and children walking barefoot. For me, the first time I took mine off was at the temple. At every temple you take off your shoes because it’s a Hindu tradition. The only temples we really got to experience was the Birla one in Jaipur and New Delhi. They were both a great a experience for C & I!

Let me tell you a little more about the Birla Temples. All together there are eighteen Birla Mandirs across India. We visited the one in Jaipur, built in 1988 and the one in Delhi, but in 1939. These temples are constructed by the Birla family. They all tend to be located in a a good area so they can accommodate a large number of people, tourists, and visitors. Inside the temple photography isn’t allowed but outside everyone was taking pictures, including us. I mean, for real though, it’s too beautiful not to photograph. The marble, detailed carvings, and architecture are absolutely stunning. It makes it hard to believe that someone could even create something that beautiful.

My maxi is from Altar’d State! I’m link some of other ones that I love below!