4th of July Outfit Idea

Time to get in the Spirit!!!! The 4th is almost here!!!
I have plans to head back home to Kentucky, visit with my family, bf, and dog!!! Seriously so excited!! Maybe get the jet skis out, kayak down the river, and spend quality time with all my favorite people!! Can’t wait! Holidays are my favorite– especially this one because it’s a good time to cherish the changes our country has made, honor all the heros, and reflect on half of the 2015 year!
May God Bless each and everyone of you!
With this outfit I tried mix and matching my colors.. blue on top, red on bottom, with a pop of color in the middle!!! Also grab one of your favorite bandannas and tie your hair back with it! So easy & cute!

Fanatics- The Perfect Baseball Cap

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For all you Braves Fans.. or MLB Fans out there, this ootd should be right up your alley! 
I am sporting my all time FAV Baseball Cap, from FANATICS!
It is sporty, chic, comfy, and FUN!
Perfect accessory to throw on with a day outfit, casual outfit, & your work out attire!
or if you are like me — I wear mine religiously everyday when going to my classes!!
This hat is my go to when I have limited time to fix my hair & when I want to shade my face!
Reppin’ my Home team & doin’ it fashionably!
p.s.- this could also be a great 4th of July outfit!!!! Braves & America.. What more could a girl need?
Why I chose this hat?

  • The design is very similar (almost the same) as the MLB Braves hat (let’s be honest– we all dig MLB Braves players, in their sexy snapbacks) 
  • The Velcro Back!!!  All us girls with short & long hair know how frustrating it can be to wear a hat! and that’s exactly why I chose this design. It’s easy access if I want to make my hat tighter, or looser and my hair falls easily through the back.  
  • Love the style!! It isn’t too big and it shapes my face perfectly! 


Shop my Look- Shop Fanatics (<– visit their page)


Sunny Yellow for this Sunday

DRESS & SHOES (both just went on SALE)
I can officially say these are my favorite pair of shoes in my closet!!! In love!!!! 

Such a good weekend!!!!! Glad to take a break from work and school… plus I got to sleep in, that’s what I really wanted :))  The only thing I hated was not having Oslo here.. He was back in KY this weekend & I kept wishing I had him to snuggle up with.. Missing that little fur ball too much today!!

Hope you all have a blessed Sunday!!!


Daily Devotion Reads

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(click on titles to take you to the direct link)

Life’s Little Instruction Book 
I got this little guy right before I came to college! Great gift, Great Guide to Happiness & Fulfillment
Where to Find it in the Bible A to Z 
Have you ever had one of those days where it’s a constant struggle, you know you need God, yet you are lost on how to deal with your issues? This book is absolutely amazing for “those days” or any other days for that matter. If you are happy, sad, feeling fashionable, unsure about controversial issues (faith, sex, drugs, alcohol), dealing with death, job situations.. whatever it may be, just look up the word and it will give you direct scripture to reference. I find that this book has helped me learn more about not only the bible, but myself as well. It’s the ultimate resource and I encourage everyone to go claim a copy!
One Minute Devotions for Girls 
I am so busy.. all the time.. so I am guilty of not carving out time in my day for just Jesus & I. But during the school year, when I am on a regular schedule, I will leave this book on my bedside table. Each morning when I wake up, I turn and read the lesson for the day (the key is to do it before you look at your phone ;)). It’s the perfect quiet time and gets you prepped for a blessed day!
Prayer Box
It’s so fun to write prayers and look back on them in the future. Great to see the way God works in our lives!


Play, Party, Pom-Poms

I like colorful things.. which means I also love to wear colorful things! And I think we can all conclude that this #ootd is extremely colorful!!!
I have been on this Pom Pom kick lately and just can’t seem to shake it. I ordered another cover up with pom-pom trim yesterday and I’m too excited to see it! Something about them just spices up your outfit in the cutest way!!
NECKLACE (it’s on sale)
I  got my jelly stacked bracelets on my trip, in Nantucket. They are made by a tribe over seas except I can’t remember which one.. If any of you have ever seen them or see them you have to let me know!! I wish I would’ve got more of certain colors!!
Shop the cutest PomPom Keychains Here on Etsy

Oslo’s Favs


While on vacation I couldn’t forget about Oslo!
Brought all these cute goodies home for him!!
  • I love his new whale bandana! Perfect for summer!!
  • Anyone who knows me know I love my wine.. So of course I had to get Oslo the “GRRROBERY SLOBBERT” (aka cabernet sauvignon or pinot noir)!  He loves it because it’s squeaker is so loud & it is light weight so he can carry it in his mouth!! Buy It Here
  • The shark toy is made for water bottles. I can easily slide new ones in whenever he tears one up!! It’s on sale now!
  • His green monkey ball is from his cousin, Teddy!! It’s Teddy’s favorite ball so he had to get one for Oslo too!

Every month Oslo gets a new BARK BOX!!
I think he is finally starting to know when we lay the box on the ground he is about to get some new treats and toys!! I love watching him sniff it & bring it all out of the box!
This months “theme” was SPACE!!!
How cute!?
If you have a dog at home you should try out the Bark Box Club!
I get just as excited as Oslo when they come in the mail!



Crazy, Beautiful Life

Don’t you just love this adorable heather tee from Sweet T’s Design Shoppe on Etsy!?
Not only do I ADORE what it says.. It is so comfy to wear!

My boyfriend jeans are distressed to the max.. Just the way I like them!! The more ripped, the better! If I bought every pair of jeans I saw & wanted.. well let’s just say I wouldn’t have enough room in closet.. But these were a must have!!

Hope everyone had a Happy Monday!! Let’s just try to make it to the weekend 😉


Father’s Day 2015

DAD n.

1. father, guardian, protector, carer, friend 2. teacher, mentor, coach, task masker, listener 3. sports fanatic, mower man, running partner, taxi, bank, part-time fun guy, part-time fun police 4. tough on the outside, soft in the middle 5. best dad a girl could ever ask for
My dad is all of these and so much more!
I am so blessed to have such a selfless, supportive, loving “Daddy”.
Couldn’t imagine life without you and never want to!
Happy Father’s Day
I love you

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