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MAKEUP Monday!

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Monday morning comes way too early for me & I am sure I am not the only one!

When I woke up today I went over my to do list in my head– make it to work on time, start my summer class, start packing for the weekend, go to the grocery, finish laundry, get my nails done (with my roomie- it’s our weekly date), and etc.

But first things first.. Getting ready in the AM!!!
My make-up desk is where my day starts, so today I thought it would be fun to share with you some of my favorite products that are my everyday game-changers & some of my favorite tips that might come in handy for you!

***Links will take you directly to the site! (Adding a new feature ;))
1. Tory Burch Lipstick/gloss Bag
2. Eyelash Curler- Mary Kay (I have never found a better one than this!! It gets the job done!)
3. Lipsticks- My favorite ones are MAC, but MaryKay also has a great selection!! My favorite lip pencil is from MAC, called Pro Long Wear
4. MAC Bronzing Powder (apply this very last after my base & powder)
5. MAC Mineralize Powder– (apply this after base) Leaves my skin finish looking very natural!
6. MAC Powder Blush– I am trying a new one called Fleur Power but Blush Baby is my fav!
7. Mary Kay Lash Love Mascara– I must have tried over a million mascaras before I discovered this one!! Now I am never going back!
8. Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover– whoever invented this is a genius!
9. Sephora Brush Cleaner– I clean my brushes once a week. It can make all the difference!
10. Amazing Cosmetics Concealer– There is nothing worse than when I get a blemish on my face.. this stuff is my savior!! covers literally ANYTHING up!!! I encourage everyone to invest in a tube of this!
11. MAC Pro longwear Paint Pot– I put this on before I apply my eyeshadow. It helps keep my eye makeup fresh throughout the day & allows it to stay on longer. I use the paint pot called BARE STUDY. It’s a perfect neutral color!
12. MAC Eyeshadows
13. MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation – I use this brush to apply – Duo Fibre Foundation Brush
14. MAC Brushes
15. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Contour (Lightscapade)– After applying my face make up (foundation, powder, blush), I use this for contouring (above my cheekbones) & it highlights my face perfectly- it is my new FAVORITE MAC product!
16. Makeup Beauty Storage (Pottery Barn Teen) this can make for a great graduation gift!
17. MAC Eyeliner – My favorite eyeliners are Fascinating White (I apply this to the bottom inside of my eye, right above my bottom lashes– I think it helps your eyes POP), Bountiful Brown, & Engraved Black.

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