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Summer Nails

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p.s.- my roomie got the new Apple Watch & I must say it is awesome!! ^^ plus, doesn’t she have the best looking hands ever.. she should be a hand model for apple.. just sayin’ ūüôā
Nails- Perfect Match Gel Polish (& Rachel is wearing OPI)
Skirt- DejaVu
Tank Top- JCREW Perfect-fit Tank
Scarf- Similar Tassel one found Here (BCBG)
Flip Flops- Thora Tory Burch Sandal
Watch- Tory Burch Izzie Watch 

Necklace- John Wind Collection
Card Case- Tory Burch Robinson Slim Card Case 

Sunglasses- Ray ban
LOVE stack ring– I love this Set I<3U from Artfire

Mid Rings & Knuckle Rings 
Love Earrings (2nd hole)Neiman Marcus 
We have so many options when it comes to getting our nails done. Do we want gel? Do we want gel on our toes? Do we want pink or do we want red? What type of pedicure would you like? Wait, are you sure you don’t want to do acrylic? I know it’s a battle for me every time I go to… so how do I decide? I normally turn to my roommate (we always get our nails done together) and I take her advice. She is a blue kinda girl and lately I have been digging it! I got My Pointe Exactly last time & have missed seeing it on my nails ever since I switched it up! It’s the perfect light shade of blue!
As far as gel and acrylic go.. I contemplate going back & forth but for little over a year now I have stuck to gel.. It just lasts longer and tends to not chip as easy.. however, I do miss how strong my nails were when I got acrylic. Either way, can you really go wrong?
ALL TIME FAVORITE COLORS: aka-  MY GO TO!!!  (beware: I am a lover all nude colors!)
Funny Bunny– OPI (not white.. like white out.. but white enough)
Bubble Bath– OPI (perfect light pink/nude)
Passion– OPI (perfect nude, with a hint of coral in it)
Cajun Shrimp– OPI
For Next Time: 
Need Sunglasses– OPI – Isn’t this a fun summer color??

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