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Jewelry Always Fits.. & Makeup


I would like to think I have become a pro at organizing my suitcases.. especially since I spend half of my week normally traveling… but there’s one thing that always gets me.. my jewelry. By the time I reach my destination my necklaces are knotted together, my earrings are hooked to one another, and my rings are tangled in between all my bracelets.  However, I recently just discovered the BEST way to stow & pack my accessories that I always need!!! from now on, I think I will stick to this method :))
I’ve also included some of my favorite travel bags for organizing my toiletries and makeup!!
Hope this comes in handy for you too!!

This is the real deal! 
Just tear off a sheet, lay your necklaces flat, & then cover the top with another sheet! 
Your necklaces won’t get sticky, they will keep from tangling, and it takes up minimal space! 
Try this next time you start packing!! 
This pouch is my perfect travel companion 🙂 
It hold all my bracelets in one row and keeps them from getting tangled.
I place my earrings at the bottom of the pouch so they just lay flat. 

I got my case from Chicos!
I keep my rings in a separate little bag just to stay neat & I know exactly where I can find them! 
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This three compartment travel bag is ideal for storing your items.  On one side I keep toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, makeup remover), in the middle I store hair accessories, and on the other end I place my lotion & shower supplies together. 
I use the bigger matching bag for all my makeup. 
My brushes always travel in this handy dandy case from MAC — I got it for Christmas one year & it has saved me multiple times. It keeps my brushes laying flat so the bristles don’t get bent & I can easily access whatever brush I want to get to. 
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So as I leave for family vacation today, and board the Big Eagle tonight, my only hope is that my jewelry stays in full tact– with no mess to greet me when unpacking!

& my toiletries don’t leak…
& my makeup doesn’t end up everywhere!!

p.s.- Hope everyone is having a HAPPY HUMP DAY!


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