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Pink, Gold, & Pineapples









Started my day off eating from a fruit tray—filled with PINEAPPLES
Enjoyed my afternoon eating doughnuts and cake pops
Ended my day with a piece of chocolate cake (on top of chocolate mousse)Do I have a sweet tooth or what??
Then again, I’m on vacation.. so why not?

Yesterday we were anchored at Block Island. It is located about 13 miles off the coast of Rhode Island. It has an approximate population of about 800-1000 people year around except during the summer months (it is a tourist hotspot)!!!  About 40% of the island is set aside for conservation but the little town we visited was so darn cute!! The streets were filled with little shops, cafes, a 100 year old movie theater, and Harborside Inn (where he had lunch)!  If you are ever up north, go check this place out- you catch a ferry to the island!
p.s.- my shoes are extremely comfortable & pineapples are the new thing! for some reason I see them everywhere I Iook! You can find them on Shop Bop

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