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Everyday Should Feel This Good

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Like Vineyard Vines would say, “Everyday Should Feel This Good” & I totally agree!!

Yesterday we anchored at Edgartown & spent our afternoon walking the streets!! Actually when I come to think of it we may have spent most of our time in Vineyard Vines with these 3 kiddos ^^ (adding to their wardrobe)… but either way we had a wonderful experience exploring!! And did you know this was where Vineyard Vines was founded? so cool! I always have loved their clothes and tees!

Anyways my dress was the perfect choice for our excursion into town! It is so lightweight, comfy, and easy to work with! I wore it on spring break with my friends to dinner and it was great for that occasion as well! You can dress it up, dress it down– no matter what you can’t go wrong either style — totally obsessed with the nautical look too!
Freeway Dress

My hat– Where do I even start?? I have recently become addicted to online shopping for cute ones!
Needless to say, I can’t go on vacation without my Yankees ball cap and at least 1 other cute one!! They are perfect to throw on when your hair doesn’t cooperate (which is what I love the most)!
Check out MissGuided & Nordstrom! They have a great selection of hats, with great prices!

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