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Daily Devotion Reads

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Life’s Little Instruction Book 
I got this little guy right before I came to college! Great gift, Great Guide to Happiness & Fulfillment
Where to Find it in the Bible A to Z 
Have you ever had one of those days where it’s a constant struggle, you know you need God, yet you are lost on how to deal with your issues? This book is absolutely amazing for “those days” or any other days for that matter. If you are happy, sad, feeling fashionable, unsure about controversial issues (faith, sex, drugs, alcohol), dealing with death, job situations.. whatever it may be, just look up the word and it will give you direct scripture to reference. I find that this book has helped me learn more about not only the bible, but myself as well. It’s the ultimate resource and I encourage everyone to go claim a copy!
One Minute Devotions for Girls 
I am so busy.. all the time.. so I am guilty of not carving out time in my day for just Jesus & I. But during the school year, when I am on a regular schedule, I will leave this book on my bedside table. Each morning when I wake up, I turn and read the lesson for the day (the key is to do it before you look at your phone ;)). It’s the perfect quiet time and gets you prepped for a blessed day!
Prayer Box
It’s so fun to write prayers and look back on them in the future. Great to see the way God works in our lives!

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