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Bashful Bloom & Emily Post’s Etiquette

I finally convinced myself to buy a mid skirt and I am beyond happy I did!! At first I was worried about the length and if it would make me look short, but I think it did everything but that!!! Pairing some heels may have helped too but I wanted to keep this elegant look as comfy as possible!! And want to know a secret, this whole entire outfit was under $35!! What a steal!?
SHOES    |  my skirt is sold out 🙁 but here is the DRESS (I really love this print)

Emily Post’s Etiquette Book 
When traveling around Martha’s Vineyard a couple weeks ago our tour took us by Emily’s Cottage Garden. They told us this was where she invested much of her time and found a passion for gardening. Those gardens are still kept today so if you are ever in the area you have to stop by!!
Also, pick up a copy of her Etiquette Book. We just bought the 18th edition which incorporates Peggy Post’s nieces and nephews, and Emily’s great-great grandchildren voices as co-authors. They discuss texting and email etiquette, wedding planning, common manners, official forms of titles, dress codes, and so much more! Great read to always have!

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