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the cutest beYOUtiful Tee

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When I saw this tee I didn’t even think twice about getting it. I think it was added to my cart in about .358302  seconds.  Love this material and of course the saying!!!  I remember when I was trying to think of names/logos when starting my blog. beYOUtiful was one of my first choices and it has stuck ever since!! I want to remind girls and women that each of us are beYOUtiful in our ways! It’s okay to be different.. It’s okay to stand out.. I personally use my fashion & style to help display who I am.. I feel like I am a bright person, so I love wearing bright things! & I always tell my bf that my favorite color changes everyday… & that’s because it does! my mood, my feelings, my emotions.. they change, my favorite colors change.. and my fashion changes!! it’s a way for us to feel comfortable with who we are and say what we feel!!  this tee does exactly that for me!!
always remember beYOUtiful — YOU YOU YOU — be true to yourself and believe in yourself! nothing else really matters!

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