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Rocksbox Love

3 pieces of jewelry for $19 a month!? How sweet does that sound!?

So here’s the scoop, go to, take the style survey, & you will get sent 3 pieces to wear on loan.  & what happens if you fall in love with one of the items, you can buy it!!! You automatically get $10 off a month in Shine rewards that can be used towards any purchase!

I like to think of this as “testing the water” except with jewelry! Rent your 3 pieces, decide if you want to keep any of them, or if you want to return them for 3 other pieces!

Start this membership now, and receive your first month free, with the code, torunnleexoxo !! 
Hope y’all love it as much as me 😉

Below are the pictures from my first Rocksbox that I received in the mail this week!
The necklace is perfect for my Georgia Tech football games, I love the simple ring, and I honestly don’t own many pairs of silver earrings (surprising I know) so I am going to be wearing those a lot!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend 🙂
& happy happy holiday!

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