Happy Halloween

Can’t wait to see all the fun costumes and eat lots of candy!
Everyone have a great day!!

p.s.- I am not sure how thrilled Oslo is to be a pumpkin– He really wanted to be a lion 😉
but one thing we did find out in this shoot…. he loves Pumpkin Marshmallows!!



Fall Coats & Leopard Boots


JACKET (linked similar one- mine is from JCrew) |  WHITE BLOUSE   |  BOOTS

It’s finally starting to feel like fall here in ATL.. the temps are slowly dropping.
except, the weather has been so bipolar lately, keeping me confused on how to dress!
& the rain has been constant since Monday!
it’s forecasted to clear up starting tomorrow, so fingers crossed :/
and can y’all believe Halloween is in 3 days!? I have yet to get a costume together.. I bet start looking now!!


Puffer Vest & Turtlenecks

 367116_orig 6966464_orig 3355307_orig 9202975_orig 2593825_orig 6568870_orig
this vest is a must have for fall!!!!
the turtleneck is so soft & can be worn with a sweater or cardigan over it 😉
easy, cute look! and warm 😉 (for all the colder weather approaching)

wowww– I had such a busy weekend.. you can only imagine!
left Thursday night for Oklahoma…
Friday we toured all the homecoming floats and then went Homecoming & Hoops to watch my bro & the rest of the basketball team show off their dance moves.. but really though.. so funny!!! it was a sight!
Saturday we attended the football game and spent half the time discussing the unbearable parade event that took place earlier that morning.. what a terrible tragedy.. (so sad.. praying for all the families involved..)
then yesterday morning I flew out at 6 AM, landed in ATL, went straight to work, and spent the rest of the night doing homework..
so…. beyoutiful blog may be lacking this week, but I am going to try 😉 😉

How was everyones weekend?  Can you believe it’s almost Halloween!? where did time go?? I feel like it should still be June and should be starting this blog all over!  but I guess time flies when you are having fun 😉 😉
Happy Monday blogger friends!


Mustard Yellow & Blanket Scarf

SWEATER (linked a similar one) | SCARF | JEANS | HAT | BOOTIES

GaTech all the way!!
This game day inspired look is perfect for colder weather!
Snuggle up in the blanket scarf & sweater, then you’re good to go!!
&&& as I sit here & type this I’m in Stillwater, OK.. Where it’s orange everythingggg!!! This little dose of yellow started my day on a happy note!!
Next week we will talk orange- stay tuned

Happy Friday!! Hope you all have a great weekend!


The South- Georgia State Tee

get the TEE HERE 
get the earrings HERE 

KY will always be home, but for now Georgia has my heart…. I can’t tell you how much I love living in ATL and being in a big city! coming from a small town and moving here was quite the change, but I am so glad I did it!!
sooo… on that note, I have to include a GEORGIA state tee in my mix from the Ms.Stated collection.
This one is a super soft material, has a little more tight fit to it, and is bold (which I love).
Shop around their site to see all the great tees they offer and stay tuned for more state shirts coming!
KY & GA state pride all the way..
xoxoxo, T


Chrissy’s Socks


In the market for some new, warm socks now that winter is just around the corner??
well Chrissy’s Socks is your go to!
I mean, how cute are these!??
first of all, anytime I put bright colors, socks or scarves, whatever it may be, I know it’s going to be a good day.
but when the socks have sweets on them and puppy love, I know it’s going to be great day!
these just put me in a good mood.. & isn’t that how we are suppose to feel when we put on new clothing items?
shop these socks with the links above & lmk which ones are your favorite!!  I can’t decide, I love them all!

p.s.- make sure to have a donut in one hand and ice cream cone in the other if you get these.. they satisfy my style, but I needed something to satisfy my sweet tooth too 😉 😉


Black Jumpsuit


JUMPSUIT (mine is from GAP, but linked a similar one) |  LEOPARD SHOES Jessica Simpson (& on major sale) |  LEOPARD CLUTCH

Wore this outfit months ago on a date night  and thought I would break it out for you guys because it has been on mind ever since!! First of all, we could all use a black jumpsuit– and second of all, who doesn’t love pops of leather!? (& red)??
this outfit tends to go down the dressy route, but you can make it casual with flats!
wear this winter with a coat over it and wear it on a summer night- it’s a season staple..

aside from outfit talk, I haven’t wrote much about me lately because things have been crazy! between work, school, and socials my time has been split in so many different ways.. this semester has been tough with some of my BME classes, but I am glad I have work and this blog to occupy my free time. I love doing it so much 😉
&&& let’s fast forward to my weekend plans!!!!! wjhat are y’all’s?  I am heading to Oklahoma! Can’t wait to see my family and catch up! I am sure you will be seeing lots of orange on the blog next week 😉
Happy Tuesday!
xoxoxo, T





My favorite fall outfits are the ones I can just throw on, walk out the door, and go… but still look cute… know what I mean?
this is why I loveeeee this outfit so much!
I have worn this top over and over and over again, but just added my new scarf this time!
It’s a simple look but adorable in my opinion!

Hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!!
Happy Monday- make today a great one 🙂