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Chrissy’s Socks


In the market for some new, warm socks now that winter is just around the corner??
well Chrissy’s Socks is your go to!
I mean, how cute are these!??
first of all, anytime I put bright colors, socks or scarves, whatever it may be, I know it’s going to be a good day.
but when the socks have sweets on them and puppy love, I know it’s going to be great day!
these just put me in a good mood.. & isn’t that how we are suppose to feel when we put on new clothing items?
shop these socks with the links above & lmk which ones are your favorite!!  I can’t decide, I love them all!

p.s.- make sure to have a donut in one hand and ice cream cone in the other if you get these.. they satisfy my style, but I needed something to satisfy my sweet tooth too 😉 😉

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