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Puffer Vest & Turtlenecks

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this vest is a must have for fall!!!!
the turtleneck is so soft & can be worn with a sweater or cardigan over it 😉
easy, cute look! and warm 😉 (for all the colder weather approaching)

wowww– I had such a busy weekend.. you can only imagine!
left Thursday night for Oklahoma…
Friday we toured all the homecoming floats and then went Homecoming & Hoops to watch my bro & the rest of the basketball team show off their dance moves.. but really though.. so funny!!! it was a sight!
Saturday we attended the football game and spent half the time discussing the unbearable parade event that took place earlier that morning.. what a terrible tragedy.. (so sad.. praying for all the families involved..)
then yesterday morning I flew out at 6 AM, landed in ATL, went straight to work, and spent the rest of the night doing homework..
so…. beyoutiful blog may be lacking this week, but I am going to try 😉 😉

How was everyones weekend?  Can you believe it’s almost Halloween!? where did time go?? I feel like it should still be June and should be starting this blog all over!  but I guess time flies when you are having fun 😉 😉
Happy Monday blogger friends!

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