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Younique Product Review

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Woodstruck 3DFiber Lashes 
my mom has always told me never leave the house with two things, your lip gloss & your mascara… (cause let’s be honest, we never really know when we might need it) & if you are like me, living on the go, constantly.. then this mascara is your go to!! first and foremost, I am little obsessive when it comes to my eyelashes. the first thing i notice about people are their eyes, because its where we first look upon a conversation.. so I have this fettish with keeping my eyelashes in check! Since I have brownish/blondish hair, I like dark mascara that has a WOW factor. These lashes have just that. this lash formula is enhanced, the new brush is perfect, and it keeps my lashes looking voluminous! and the more volume the better!!

Stiff Upper Lip Stain
when I am working I probably change my lip color 15 times.. and when I am shooting blog posts I am normally in a hurry, throwing on my makeup, and applying my lip wear in the car.. so this upper lip stain has been a savior! It is easy to apply, immediately stains, and keeps a budge-free, tinted, long-lasting look on your lips!

Woodstruck Precision Brow Liner
my eyebrows have a blonde tint to them and wear I a lot of eye makeup, they kinda get lost. So when Rachel reached out to me and asked what products I wanted to try, I knew this was a definite yes.  I have the light shade and love it because it keeps my eyebrows looking very natural and it matches my hair color.  This liner also gives more shape and definition to my eyebrows, which also adds more attention to my eyes.  I think everyone should give it a shot, no matter what style, length, or color eyebrows you may have.

Splurge Cream Shadow
the first step in my makeup routine is applying a cream that keeps my eyeshadow in tact. I have always used MAC, but the color of this plunge cream is so fun, I never want to take it off. The color is “extravagant” which reflects a musty gold, orange to it! I think it’s going to be great to wear this fall and into the holidays, with or without eyeshadow on top of it!

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Happy Wednesday :))  & Happy Makeup 🙂

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