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Southern Girl Prep

Prep In The Game Long Sleeve Tee  |  Southern Girl Prep Flag  |  Pencils  |  Stickers  |  Air Freshener
sooo excited to team up with Southern Girl Prep and share some items that had been on my wishlist from them!
and with christmas right around the corner, some of these could make great gifts 😉 😉

so…. preppy, fun, and cute— that’s what all these items are!!!
honestly can’t decide what’s my fav, cause it’s all just so darn adorable!!!
love the colors in the shirt, the folders & pencils are great for school, & the flag can serve as a little decoration!
they also have two other long sleeve tees that I like (HERE & HERE) – I think you all will love them too!
& while you are at it, check out this PULLOVER JACKET & QUARTER ZIP!
ok… so now what’s your fav!?

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