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I am a pink kinda gal.. always have been, always will be.. so, all the more reason to love this casual look!
when I walked in to Gap last week, I was overwhelmed with all the scarves they had. literally so many options, so many colors, so many styles.. my eye was immediately attracted to this one, so I grabbed the pink tee & made myself an outfit 🙂
the scarf is so soft, super warm, and easy to wear different ways! It would be cute to wear with a cream sweater, black shirt, grey cardigan, or blue tee!

idk how the weather is where all you are, but here in ATL it’s up & down.. one day its scarf kinda weather, the next its shorts kinda weather… totally has me confused about how to dress! however, this weekend, I am heading to Charleston and the forecast is looking like some sunny weather 😉 maybe I can catch some last little bit of warmth before winter hits.. or at least I am staying hopeful 😉
Happy Hump Day!! the weekend is almost here 😉

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