Belle Bottom Pants



switching up my pant style this blog post!!  I am so use to living in jeans & leggings all winter long, it’s nice to coordinate an outfit to mix it up a little bit! & I honestly can’t say enough good things about these belle bottoms!! They are stretchy, which make for a super comfortable feeling, they are a great length with boots/booties, the paisley inspired design give it a fun feel, and you can either dress them up with a nice sweater, or go for casual look like I did! I don’t own anything else like these but I am going to be in the market for a similar pair because I just fell in love!!  the cardigan I am wearing is a little oversized- which is perfect for colder weather! all winter break I have thrown it on with jeans & scarves because it’s easy to match! & my monogram necklace is one of my favorite Christmas gifts! I have had my eye on one for a while now & my grandma picked out a good one!

Hope all of you have a great New Year’s Eve!
Stay Safe & Enjoy your night!
xoxoxo, T

p.s.- Happy almost 2k16!!!!


Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

Nordstrom Sale

Shop my Nordstrom favs by clicking on the links below!
ONE   \\\\   TWO  \\\\  THREE  \\\\  FOUR  \\\\  FIVE  \\\\  SIX  \\\\  SEVEN  \\\\ EIGHT  \\\\  NINE  \\\\  TEN  \\\\  ELEVEN  \\\\ TEWLVE

#9- this purse is so great!!!! I stood in Nordstrom on Sunday & debated buying it…. The leather & suede makes it look very rich & the green is a great color for winter!

#11-  might be snagging these gloves 🙂 I think they are so adorable!

#12- the topshop lace up flats! yes please!! think about everything you can wear with them!

​Happy Shopping :))


Tartan Scarf & Black Swing Dress


BLACK SWING DRESS   |   FAUX FUR VEST (linked another shaggy one)  |   SCARF    |   KATE SPADE WALLET   |   TB BOOTS (linked similar ones)   |   RAY-BAN SUNGLASSES

a black swing dress can go a long way… let me tell ya, the whole fall season I wanted to live in mine! and I know when spring comes, they are going to be my go – to!
this one is a cotton material, that has the perfect length for me! I paired hot pink tights with this outfit to make it pop a little, but Forever21 is sold out of these now 🙁 instead of the pink, go for a cream pair, or any other color that is in the plaid scarf! & if you aren’t a dress kinda girl, wear the scarf with jeans and a sweater! after all, they are the most popular accessory for this winter!
thanks for stopping by
p.s.- I am really hoping this is our last day of rain for a while…. please bring on the snow


a HAPPY hat


a colorful outfit in the dreary winter is just my style! for starters, this striped tee is so comfy! I own it almost 5 other styles and it’s great to throw on with jeans! the Happy Hat…. I think it speaks for itself!  It’s my favorite winter hat & that pom pom on top just makes it! the more I shop, the more I see winter hats & they are slowly growing on me! I actually ordered a striped one yesterday that I will share with you all soon! If you are out spending that Christmas money I suggest investing in one!  maybe then we will have some colder weather in Atlanta & in my hometown! I am still holding out for snow!!! I just told my family over break it didn’t even seem like Christmas in 70 degree weather! After we enjoyed our Christmas breakfast & opened presents, we went for a bike ride! I don’t think I’ve ever been outdoors in the past on Christmas! the weather is bipolar & has me so confused on how to dress! shorts one day, knitted hats the next!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend & enjoy your week! Let me know if you have any questions.
xoxoxo, T


have a Merry, beYOUtiful Christmas!


Santa came here & we have some HAPPY HAPPY kiddos!!!!
I type this we have kids riding bikes, dogs playing tug-o-war, our traditional breakfast cooking, and a home filled with lots of fun!
Christmas is my favorite!!
Oslo & I are wishing everyone a Merry, Merry Day & a Blessed, Happy New Year!!!

&& Let’s not foget the reason for the season!
Here are some of my favorite bible verses for celebrating the Lord!
“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior which is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11
“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace good will to men.” Luke 2:14
“Every good & perfect gift is from above..” James 1:17
“A merry heart does good like medicine” Proverbs 17:22


New Years Sparkle


DRESS  //  EARRINGS (mine are sold out, but I linked some similar ones)

New Years outfit- Check!
this sequin number is the epitome of sparkle & shine!!!
​all season long, the glitter outfits have continued to grow on me & something about this dress just jumped out!
If you aren’t a fan of bare legs in the winter, pair it with some black sheer tights & black pumps!
either way, the dress will do the talking 😉

so, today I am on the road, heading toward Oklahoma.
We are celebrating Christmas there with some of our immediate family!
long, 9 hour drive… I’ve downlaoded some books on my Nook to keep me occupied (Karen Kingsbury is my fav author) I’ll let y’all know of any recommendations I may have!
Sunday heading back to Kentucky and the rest of Christmas break is a day-by-day plan from there!
what about y’all?
any big New Years plans? anyone have any suggestions? 😉
I know mine are still up in the air! honestly can’t believe 2016 is almost here! where did time go?
guess it’s time to start making that New Year Resolutions List!!! ahhhhh!!!


Christmas Recipes



 One of my favorite Christmas Traditions is baking holiday treats!!
This year we opted to Oreo Balls, PB Balls, Pretzel M&M’s, and Cookies!
I am sure there will be more to come snack to come.. but for now I’m sharing 2 recipes below!
Hope you enjoy!

Oreo Truffles 
One Pack of Double Stuff Oreos
One Pack of Philadelphia Cream Cheese
White Chocolate Morsels (I use the White Almond Bark brand)
*break up oreos (I throw mine in the blender)
* mix in cream cheese (I do this by hand)
* roll into balls
*freeze for 10 minutes (when they harden they are easier to apply chocolate on)
*dip in white chocolate (when heating do it in 1 minute increments. if you heat for too long chocolate will harden)

Peanut Butter Balls
2 Cups of Creamy Peanut Butter (I use JIF brand)
3 3/4 cups of Powdered Sugar
1/2 tsp of Vanilla Extract
3/4 Cup of Salted Butter
Milk Chocolate Candy Coating Morsels

*mix all ingredients in a large bowl (I do this by hand)
*roll into balls and cover with chocolate (remember to heat the chocolate in increments so it doesn’t harden)


Gold, Glitter Reindeer



Sparkly Reindeer Tops are Linked Below!

holiday spirit is in the air & gold glitter is setting the mood!
This festive Christmas shirt is so adorable & can be worn year after, year!
also, if you don’t have leather pants, it’s time to invest!!!  mine are super warm, super chic, & super stylish!!! at first I was hesitant about wearing them, but I think they can just make an outfit!
a fur vest is also a staple piece! with colder temps on the way, I am expecting to live in all my faux fur!

aside from blogging, I spent the weekend with friends & family!
last night I went to my high school girl friends christmas party! We played a new gift exchange, with dice, instead of the usual dirty santa/white elephant, & it was so fun!! I ended up with a sephora gift card that I am very excited to use! may try out some new lipstick shades 😉 I’ll keep y’all posted!!
Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!


Red, White & Blue Outwear Favs


I never met a plaid I didn’t like.. & that especially goes for this lil vest!!!!
when I put this outfit on, I jokingly said to my mom, UK or UofL.. being from KY, you are typically either a Kentucky fan or Louisville fan.. and never both.. but for this style, I am breaking that rule!
It’s like a 4th of July winter outfit inspo!
The vest is super cute and very warm & would look adorable with hot pink, green, yellow, or black!
lots of ways you can style it and get your wear out of it!
same goes for the black skinny jeans! I finding myself wanting to put these on every single time I leave the house!
I love the ripped details and they way fit! so cute :))

so countdown til Christmas: 8 days!!!!!
still on the hunt for some Men’s gifts….. and time is running out!!!
such a busy season for everyone!
everywhere I go I seem to be singing Christmas carols in my head…. Is that just me? or is it everyone during this time of the year?
Hope you all have a great day!


A Swing Dress & A Scarf

my dress & scarf are sold out, but I have linked some great options below! (also one HERE that is left in size Large)
**hopefully this post will provide you with a little style inspo!!
with warmer temps in ATL & here in KY, I have been able to pull off this look quite a bit lately– the perfect swing dress, and a plaid scarf for the major accessory!!
& they are great staple pieces! wear the dress with multiple things and pair the scarf with another shirt or sweater!