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this may be my mom & I’s all time favorite outfit!!!
as soon as I put it on yesterday I just knew!
aside from being a pink kinda girl, this sequin shirt just spoke to me — you can dress it up or wear it casual!
It would also look great with grey, black, or denim skinny jeans!
& that faux fur vest ^, it is a staple piece!! a must have! add one to your christmas list because they are cozy, warm, and cute to throw over almost any shirt you put on!
The scarf is also my favorite one for the winter season! It is different from all the usual blanket scarves that I am use to seeing! the pastel colors aren’t too vibrant and it gives this outfit a soft look! plus, it will be great to wear into spring!
There are also multiple ways you can wear it:
1. like a  traditional blanket scarf (triangle in the middle, ends draped on the sides)
2. as a shaw- (in the 3rd pic I have it wrapped around me almost like a blanket – just throw it over your shoulders & let the sides hang over your arms
3. hang it around your neck (just let the ends hand long over your jeans (like the very last pic)
4. wrap it around your neck multiple times! like most scarves you can just bundle yourself up in this one!
**there’s plenty of fabric on this scarf that allows you style it any way you want & wear it will all different outfits!
I have to admit, my weak spot this winter has been booties & scarves, but I justify it by knowing I will wear them more than once, with different things!!
lmk if you have any questions regarding this outfit, ways to style it, or if you love it or hate it 😉
Thank you for stopping by
xoxoxoxo, T

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