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Red, White & Blue Outwear Favs


I never met a plaid I didn’t like.. & that especially goes for this lil vest!!!!
when I put this outfit on, I jokingly said to my mom, UK or UofL.. being from KY, you are typically either a Kentucky fan or Louisville fan.. and never both.. but for this style, I am breaking that rule!
It’s like a 4th of July winter outfit inspo!
The vest is super cute and very warm & would look adorable with hot pink, green, yellow, or black!
lots of ways you can style it and get your wear out of it!
same goes for the black skinny jeans! I finding myself wanting to put these on every single time I leave the house!
I love the ripped details and they way fit! so cute :))

so countdown til Christmas: 8 days!!!!!
still on the hunt for some Men’s gifts….. and time is running out!!!
such a busy season for everyone!
everywhere I go I seem to be singing Christmas carols in my head…. Is that just me? or is it everyone during this time of the year?
Hope you all have a great day!

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