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Kate Spade Laptop Case & Umbrella





Kate Spade  –  UMBRELLLA   //  LAPTOP CASE

So, I originally got this laptop case for Christmas.. but instead of opening the 15″ one, I got the 13″ one!  Mom said, “Whoops”  – I finally tracked down the 15″ one at Nordstrom in St. Louis! I snagged it & now it is available online! Since I travel a lot I know this is going to come in handy!!  & for the Umbrella…. you know those things you want, but you will never buy for yourself? well this is one of them! I got mine as a Christmas present & I have to say the striped umbrella can make for a great gift! I keep it in my car & have already used it more than I expected!! you’re up next,  style yourself in the rain with this Kate Spade beauty!

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Kate Spade

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