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Valentine’s Collection Round 2


Sweet Love Navy Dress (very chic, modern, and lovely!)


Imperfect Beauty Tank  |  Your Inner Carrie Skirt  (this outfit is so Carrie Bradshaw, I’m obsessed!)


This One Time Cherry Red Dress (love the back details!!– bows, bows, bows)


I’m In Love, Pale Blue Dress  |  Candied Hearts Necklace (this is so cute in person!!!)


Simple In Love White Blouse  |  Fit For Love Skirt  (so girly, so cute)


Pretty In Palm Beach Dress (love the stitching of this dress)


Can’t Stay Away Dress (love the hot pink & shape of this dress)

12 days away!!! Valentine’s is almost here! but who’s really counting? 😉  still in need of an outfit? hopefully one of these will suit you well! and they are all great to wear into spring, or even as an Easter outfit!

I, personally, am loving all the pink &&&& that baby blue dress is so pretty!! the tulle skirt is great as well– It’s right up my alley!!   which one is your favorite!?

shop all the looks at Red Dress Boutique!  I even have my eye on a new romper that went live yesterday! they have some great looks for when warmer weather arrives!

Happy Tuesday all!

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