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Polka Dots & Tulle









Black Tulle Full Midi Skirt  \\  Polka Dot Print Top  \\  Nude Heel

Why the balloons you may ask!?  well.. I celebrated my birthday at home this weekend & I thought.. why not use them for this shoot!? I have been waiting for the right time and place for this outfit, and when I saw the pink balloons, I knew!! they kinda just tied the whole look together!!

I love the tulle skirt and polka dots because it’s a feminine look but still very classy and cute! If you don’t own a tulle skirt, I suggest you invest in one because they are great to throw on with a casual top, yet you still have a little dressier outfit! plus they are comfy, not too fitted, and they just kinda make you feel like a princess… I love mine so much, I’ve worn it 3 times in a span of 10 days… that’s saying something!

so.. I am finally settled back in ATL now after a great weekend in Kentucky! Friday I got to hang out with my mom, get my hair done, and eat dinner with my fam! Saturday I celebrated one of my dear friends moms 50th birthday, then celebrated mine after! I love cake sooooo much, it’s the one thing I look forward to about birthdays!!  and this year my cake was too good….. take a look


amazing right!??? It was so cute I didn’t even want to eat it!  but when I did.. I wanted to eat it all! I brought some back to ATL with me and I think it’s going to be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner!! 😉 😉 still birthday splurging…

anyways, hope you all have a great, great week ahead of you! lots of luv, T

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