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Top HERE & HERE Piko   |   Denim Shorts Refuge  |   Sandals Tory Burch  |  Monogrammed Necklace

Happy Thursday my blogger friends!! the weekend is almost here!! any big plans coming up?  It’s hard for me to believe it’s already April!!!  where did time go!?? I only have month left of school and tbh I am counting down those days until summer break!!!  and speaking of summer.. I am having to interchange the clothes in my closet, search for new shorts, and bring out my sandals!  I love switching my wardrobe over!!

this top is a great transitional spring, summer piece! you can never go wrong with pikos.. they are just so soft, comfy, and fit just right! I own so many and sometimes I like to size up to a Medium for a bigger fit and so the back will cover my butt! I wore it with leggings in the winter and now I’m pairing it with shorts! It would also look great with some white denim, or cream crotchet shorts! I grabbed these necklaces right when I walked out the door just add some color to the outfit. accessories are always great if you want to tie in another color or dress up an outfit!


PJ’s, Robes, & Intimates

Red Dress Intimate Set

Blush Pink Sheer Lace PJ Set  (available HERE in white)

contemplated buying both colors, because thats how much I love these sets, but I went with the white! may be hard to keep clean, but I loved the white for summer! I wore this PJ set on my spring break trip with my girls! it’s great for any sleepovers or trips you may have planned!! the set is super sheer, lightweight, and fits well!

here are some more of my other favorites!

1  |  2  |  3  |  4 |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8



Amorium Jewelry

Diamond Ear Cuff

Amorium Jewelry Ear Cuff Amorium Jewlery

Amorium Gold Ear Cuff

Diamond Ear Cuff

Gold Ear Cuff

Shop the Post Here:  Amorium Jewelry  //  Diamond Ear Cuff  //  Athena Ear Cuff

I love things that are unusual, different, and unique.. so when it comes to jewelry, I like to shop for new things and try different styles! never have I owned ear cuffs before or anything like them. Honestly, the first time I heard of them I thought they might resemble ear muffs or something?? I honestly had no idea.. but when I saw these, I knew I wanted to give them a try!   Personally, I am obsessed with the diamond ones, but the gold feather like cuffs are perfect for your every day wear.  what I love most about them is that they are light, don’t hurt your ear, and they make a statement! add some new bling to your wardrobe and give these a try!! I think you’re going to like them!

Happy Happy Tuesday!


Cruise Recap

Saturday, Day 1: left Miami, drove to Ft. Lauderdale, and hopped on the ship! I was so surprised how smooth check-in’s were & how easy boarding was! definitely started off the trip on a great note! I don’t know about y’all but the first thing I love to do when vacationing or visiting in a new place, is become aquatinted with the area.. In this case, the ship. We all browsed the boat, checked out the dining area, fitness center, and scouted out where to spend our evenings. Still amazes me how much there is to on board, how the have enough food to feed all of us, and how great the hospitality is!  If you have yet to take a cruise, add it to your bucket list!

Sunday, Day 2: was spent exploring Key West, FL!  love how cute and quaint the town is!! We walked up and down Devaul Street, stopped in Sloppy Joes for some good music and drinks, then went on to another restaurant/pool.. I didn’t realize that Key West was known for Key Lime Pie until I got there & everywhere we looked we saw ads for them! My friends tried a Key Lime Pie that was dipped in chocolate and on a stick.. Idk how I missed that?? my sweet tooth felt unfulfilled!  needless to say, all I want is some Key Lime Pie right now! We set sail around 5 pm, headed to dinner (had the usual shrimp cocktail, grilled chicken breasts, & the best apple pie!), watched a comedy show, and spent the night browsing the casino! I played my first ever round of black jack & lost $20.. I don’t think I will be trying that anytime again soon…

Monday, Day 3: was a day at sea! unfortunately, our weather wasn’t that great.. since we are cruising, the wind is strong, and the sun was nowhere to be found, it made it hard to sit outside on the deck. Most of my friends spent majority of their time in the hot tub, which wasn’t a bad set up! I did a daily devotion (Psalm ?????) and continued reading my book, The Bridge, by Karen Kingsbury. Seriously recommend her for anyone looking for a great read! She is my all time favorite author (and christian author). Favorite book of hers is One Tuesday Morning, in case you are heading on vacation & looking for something to read!

Tuesday, Day 4: made it to Cozumel, Mexico!!  Since this was our first bit of abundant sunshine on the cruise, so we all wanted nothing more than to chill on the beach and soak up some rays! We went to an all inclusive resort, Mr. Sanchez, that included dinks, food, a water park, kayaks, good music, and good times 🙂 we considered doing an excursion but settled for beach chairs and the ocean breeze instead!

Wednesday, Day 5: got a little toasty.. I told the girls you don’t realize how much sun you get because there is such a breeze & when you get into reading a book (like me) time passes by so quickly!  and speaking of time.. the cruise went by sooo fast… but I guess that’s the thing about vacations, all good things eventually come to an end (and most of the time too soon) — & of course since it was our last day/night, I pigged out, ate so much pizza, and doubled up on dessert at dinner — the apple pie and apple tart were just too good to pass up!  gonna miss eating well..

Thursday, Day 6: as I type this last entry, I am currently sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport, running on 3 hours of sleep! what a trip, what fun!!!!!!!!! couldn’t have asked for a better Senior Spring Break, with all my favorite girls!


Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!!


Cutoffs & a Tank

Denim Shorts & Tank Top

White Tank Top

Denim Cut Off Shorts

White Tank

Cut Off Embroidered Denim Shorts  \\  White Camisole Tank

White Tank Top Outfit

White Tank

  Down to Earth Tank Top

Tassel Shorts & Embroidered Tank Top

Tassel Shorts

Embroidered Tank

Tank Top & Blue Jean Shorts

Blue Jean Cut Off Tassel Shorts  \\  White Embroidered Tank Top

2 staple pieces we all need in our closet.. a white tank & a good pair of cutoffs! linking lots of options for y’all because it’s better to have too many, than too few!

personally, can’t decide what look is my fav because I love them all! the first denim shorts are cute because of the patchwork & the last pair are sooooo perfect- I’m in tassel heaven 🙂

it’s a simple outfit, casual look, & comfy to throw on! & you can pair so many accessories with this look, switch up the shoes, and carry different bags! like I said, they are ^^ a staple piece!

Happy Hump Day!! Hope your week is going well!


3 Day Juice Cleanse

Grocery List- 3 Day Cleanse

3 Day Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanser

3 Day Juice Cleanse

Juice Cleanser Recipe

What made you want to do a juice cleanse?

I returned from Naples last Monday and just felt so ughhh… we had such amazing food, room service, and drinks, that when I got back I was still full from all we ate! I figured.. why not give my body a break, prepare for my cruise next week, & get some healthy food in my system.  I did a little research, browsed other websites/blogs, looked up recipes on Pinterest, and within an hour I was on my way to Publix!

Are the drinks filling?

After my Day 1, breakfast, drink I thought.. wow.. I am so full!  I also worked out right before it so I think that may have had something to do with it, but it still filled me up! My breakfast drink kept me feeling good until about 4 p.m., when I got out of class, and headed home to drink my afternoon one! sometimes you might find you don’t want to drink it all or don’t like the taste, try not to give up on it.. give it a day or two, let your body adjust, and then see how you feel!

How do the drinks make you feel?

if you are worried about lack of energy or nutrition, no need to worry! I assure you, I felt great throughout the day! if you aren’t use to eating a lot of these foods, you may have to let your body adjust. Either way we all handle food differently, so take it as it is!

Do you have cravings?

absolutely… lets be honest, I have the biggest sweet tooth ever & cravings for JifWhips Peanut Butter all day, everyday…. & it wasn’t any different when I was on these drinks.. you may be full, but sometimes your body just wants what it wants 😉

Did you snack?

When I set my mind to this juice cleanse, I wanted to do it right… although, I have to admit…. I snacked.. it wasn’t in the morning or in the afternoon, it was at night.. after I had a full day of walking around campus, going to work, & exercising. However, I snacked only on Peanut Butter (good protein) & cereal (needed some carbs).  I am very active most days & I think that’s why my body was in need of more!  Either way, the drinks are still great for getting in all your nutrients, cleaning your system, and leaving you with a feeling of very healthy!

Did you stop taking protein shakes while on the drinks? 

About 2 months ago, I started drinking protein shakes, 30 minutes post work out. I’ve wanted to try to add a little muscle, get toned, and put some extra meat on my bones! during these 3 days I did stay away from the protein shakes, but the drinks contain enough nutrients to give your body what it needs!

speaking from my experience, after the second day you start to adapt a little more to the drinks and all the fruits & veggies. only thing lacking in my diet is meat. I don’t eat much of it at all, maybe some chicken here & there.. so I’m trying to get better about grabbing a slice or ham or turkey every day & fulfilling my body with some protein it needs.  y’all might try the same! during the cleanse, or after the cleanse.



Keep in mind these drinks are working almost as meal replacements.. unless you are like me & still have to snack a little.. which is fine! we all handle food differently & our bodies react to situations differently! either way, this 3 day cleanse is a great way to fill your body with lots of nutrients, vitamins, & healthy substances, and I assure it will leave you feeling healthy & full!! I’ve never done anything like this before but enjoyed switching up my eating habits for a couple days!

as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!!! if choose to try this, hope your experience is great!


Little Black Lace Dress

Lace Black Dress & Leopard Heels

Lace Black Dress

Leopard Wedges & a Black Dress

Tortoise Fossil Watch


Black, Lace Dress

Bell Sleeves

Jessica Simpson Leopard Wedges

Flowy Black Dress

Lovely In Love Dress Black Red Dress Boutique  \\  Black Slip Dress Free People  \\  Leopard Wedges Jessica Simpson (on sale for $25, originally $100)  \\ Tortoise Watch Fossil

Day 1 aboard Celebrity Constellation consisted of this little, black, lace dress, ravioli for dinner, and the best banana-blueberry crepe for dessert  (oh & a minor wind storm for these pics!!)! It’s been a while since I have been on a cruise and I forgot how great all the food is (& the unlimited supply of it)! so glad I was wearing this flowy dress to cover up how full I was, but not so glad when walking on the windy deck (may or may not have pulled a couple Marylin Monroe’s) haha  —  this dress is similar to a Free People one and I absolutely love it! we all need one, great black dress & this is mine!!! I know I am going to get a lot of wear out of it! love the lace because I can wear it in the spring, when it’s hot in the summer, and all the way into the fall! it’s that all year black dress & it would look great with any accessory- wedges, gladiator, sandals, heels, pumps, booties, colored jewelry, leopard.. whatever your little heart desires 😉  next time, I am picturing mine with hot pink!!

Happy Monday!! lots of love, T


it’s FriYAY

FriYAY graphic tank

Friday Tank Top

FriYAY tank top

FriYAY tank

FriYAY Brick Street Co Tank

FriYAY Sparkle Tank (Brick Street Co)   \\  Bralette  \\  Denim Shorts (similar ones)  \\  Cherry iPhone 6 Case

cheers to the weekend!!!!! so glad it’s FriYAY & I know y’all are too!!  what better way to celebrate than with this casual, comfy, graphic tee? I think it looks great styled with a bralette because the sides are cut out & it can add some color to the look!! & you can never go wrong with denim shorts!! I have a feeling I am going to be living in them for the rest of summer!

any big weekend plans!? I am off to Miami this evening, then off on a cruise Saturday morning! We are sailing to Key West & Cozumel! Looking forward to warm weather, sunshine, ocean breeze, and salt water in my hair!!! beach bum is going to be my new name for the week!!

p.s.- we had a little malfunction with my Canon last week… finally reset the settings & it’s working like magic! also experimenting with new SD cards.. some seem to be better than others.. if you have any recommendations, let me know!


Palm Leaf Prints

Palm Leaf Dress

Palm Leaf Print Dress

Palm Print Dress & Gladiators

Palm Dress & Beaded Bracelet

Palm Print Dress

Coral Gladiator Shoes

Printed Palm Leaf Dress

Beaded Bracelets

heading to a sunny, vacation spot? this palm leaf, tropical print is calling your name!!! I’ve linked some great options below and ones that I am crushing are!  I got my dress from Forever21, but when I tried to link it for y’all it was nowhere to be found! so if you have a store near you, maybe pop in & see if you see it!!  I got it very recently, so it maybe you’ll have some luck!!  Aside from the dress, I am obsessed with my shoes! I love the coral color and the gladiator style! You can get them HERE — let me know if you have any questions!!! hope y’all are feeling some love for this fun patter, I know I am!!!!

Palm Leaf Print Outfit Ideas

Dress 1 (Lulu’s)   |  Dress 2 (Maxi Palm Print) (Express)  |  Palm Leaf Beach Kimono (ASOS) |  Palm Print Swimsuit (ASOS) |  Leaf Print Romper (Forever 21)  |  Slim Fit Palm Print Leggings/Capris (Zella – Nordstrom)