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Made in Kentucky Tee

Made in Kentucky Tee

Kentucky Tee

High Street Fly, Kentucky Tee

Cute Kentucky T-Shirt

High Street Fly, Lexington KY Tee

Made In KY Tee Shirt

Made In Kentucky Tee

Growing up (& even still to this day), my mom has always said, “Never forget where you came from”, and I still think it’s one of the wisest and truest phrases.  The past is what shapes up & makes us who we are.. the people we’ve met, the places we’ve been, the memories we have all experienced are apart of us and always will be. It’s important to remember that and never take for granted who/what has made you into the person you are today… for me, it’s KY.. home sweet home!!! I love this shirt because it represents apart of me and couldn’t be more true! born & raised KY gal (& it made me ;))

I have been in a casual tee mode lately & this one is great because it’s tight fitting, is the softest material, and you can wear it with all different kinds of bottoms! I wore it the other day & people commented, “you’re from Kentucky!?”.. I guess it can be a conversation starter too!

Happy Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by!

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