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Isaiah 41:10 Bible Verse

Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling Kit

Romans 12:2

Journaling Book  \\ Bible Journaling Kit

Introducing: Foundations Bible Journaling.. my new favorite daily devotion, hobby, art, and self expression!

The Highlights:

  • Great way for me to use a little creativity in how I interpret passages/bible verses & share my thoughts in the sidebar.
  • Helps recognize key points and retain them to memory
  • Pray at the end of each journal entry
  • Reflect on what’s important in the verse and relate it to my personal life
  • Fun & Unique Way to get closer to God

With such a busy schedule and life getting in the way, it’s hard to make time for devotion. However, I believe a relationship with God is so so important, so I am working on making it a priority to have quiet time! This journal is slowly starting to help, because I look forward to what I am going to be reading/learning/writing/ drawing about! It’s a great way to get artsy and hang with Jesus!!

let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!!! always open to new ideas for bible study!!!

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