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Diamond Ear Cuff

Amorium Jewelry Ear Cuff Amorium Jewlery

Amorium Gold Ear Cuff

Diamond Ear Cuff

Gold Ear Cuff

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I love things that are unusual, different, and unique.. so when it comes to jewelry, I like to shop for new things and try different styles! never have I owned ear cuffs before or anything like them. Honestly, the first time I heard of them I thought they might resemble ear muffs or something?? I honestly had no idea.. but when I saw these, I knew I wanted to give them a try!   Personally, I am obsessed with the diamond ones, but the gold feather like cuffs are perfect for your every day wear.  what I love most about them is that they are light, don’t hurt your ear, and they make a statement! add some new bling to your wardrobe and give these a try!! I think you’re going to like them!

Happy Happy Tuesday!

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