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JoJo Rings – “Keys to Change”

Shop JoJo Rings for a #oneofakind design

I always try to find things that are unique.. so when I cam across these, I thought, Wow.. those are so cool! never in my life have I come across a ring like this!! so different! I love them!!!!

JoJo Rings is a New York based company that produces and sells jewelry from recycled keys.  How cool!? Right!? If you visit their site you will find that they operate on three things: sustainability, social good, and individuality. They also have a tagline, “Keys to Change”, which is their commitment to social good. For every purchase, they contribute to a nonprofit to help out the community. Personally, I love buying things knowing I am doing someone else some good.  Plus, it talks me into shopping more. Make a new purchase and help make a difference all in one. &&&&& they are made from recycled keys!! recycled, eco-friendly?? ya know??  It’s a win, win!

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