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Off-the-Shoulder Denim


Off-the-Shoulder Denim Top Here, Here, & Here  \\  Red Denim Skinny Jeans  \\ PomPom Sandals  \\ Tory Burch Tote

 Hello Gorgeous & Happy Friday!!! ending the week with this throwback to last Saturday’s dinner with my fam!! It’s one of my favorite looks! red and denim is such a great combo..  reminds me of the primary colors lol — a good basic denim is always great to have in your closet! it’s the type of casual top that looks good with white jeans, black jeans, shorts, a midi skirt.. pretty much anything!! & with the off-the-shoulder trend becoming super popular this shirt fits today’s style perfect! I know I am going to be wearing it a lot!! &&&& please, oh please.. don’t let me forget these pom pom sandals!! seriously the best thing I have in my closet right now! I want to wear them with everything because 1. they are comfy 2. they are such a statement piece 3. they have all the colors you need 4. lbh, they are sooo cute!!!

Have a safe & great weekend!! love, love, love, T

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