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Gold Lipstick Stand

repeat after me.. “I can never have too many lipsticks.. the more options, the better” & I whole heartedly believe that.. I am a sucker for new lip colors, lipsticks, lip pencils, and lip gloss.. it takes me a while to go through each tube, but I get bored wearing the same ones over & over again… so I always end up buying more & convincing myself it’s a good thing because I like switching it up!  Below are some of my all time favorites & ones that I highly recommend!

MAC Favorites

Sephora Favorites

  • Rouge Cream Lipstick — I am a sucker for the color Magnetism! it’s the perfect dark brown shade, with a hint of sheer/sparkle! I wore it all winter long, but still looks great with summer outfits if you want a dramatic look!
  • Cream Lip Stain – want a long lasting look?? try this!!! for real though.. I wear my red lip stain at work & will stay one for the whole duration of our shoots.. it’s impressive!
  • Marc Jacobs Lip Creme Lipstick 

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