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White Lace Maxi

White Maxi  \\  Suede Lace Up Heeled Sandal  \\

If I had a dollar for every time I wanted to put on a maxi.. I promise I would be so so wealthy.. because, lbh.. that’s like every single day! they are for sure one of my favorite things to wear.. the length, the comfort, and the casual/dressy look they portray is too good! I got this lil white perfection from Sweetest Stitch and I have to brag on it! the lace detailing on the bottom adds the perfect touch to the dress! I decided to go a little boho when styling this outfit! At first I was thinking Tory sandals, bright jewelry, and beach wear.. but then I got these shoes in the mail yesterday & I said Bingo!!! those are going to look fab with that dress!!  &&& here is my whole look! the fringe and shoe tassels are like a little party down low!! I love, love, love!!

If you are in the market for a maxi or white dress I am definitely suggesting this one! great for summer, trips to the beach, dinner plans, or girls night out 😉 as always, lmk if you have questions or comment.. xoxo, T

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