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Teami Blends | a 30 Day tea Detox

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Hey pals, let’s talk detox, colon cleanse, and the best tea ever!! On May 21st I began my 30 day detox journey, with Teami… as my pack comes to an end I wanted to share a review and answer lots of questions I have been getting regarding my results.  First & foremost, I don’t promote anything I don’t believe in or have high regard for.. so for me to be sharing my experience and talking about the pros of this detox, it must mean I really, really like it! so take my word for it & trust that this is worth trying!!!

With my active lifestyle, irregular diet, constant travel, and stress levels, it’s so easy for me to feel bloated and heavy at times.  When I started drinking the “skinny” tea I noticed I had higher levels of energy, reduced some of my chocolate cravings (which I have a lot of), helped clear up some blemishes on my skin, and a felt it was promoting a healthy effect on my metabolism.  crazy how a tea can do all these things, right!? but I promise at some point in the past 24 days I have experienced these at multiple stages.

The Teami Colon Cleanse, which I had a 15 day supply for, has been great and worked well for me. After a couple uses I immediately noticed my body was adapting to the cleanse and working to flush out any toxins I was holding in. Personally, I never experienced any side effects, but I know as your body adjusts some may feel cramping or have to use the restroom more as toxins are getting pushed out.  As always, it’s good to try and see what effect it has on your body, then continue accordingly.

Some FAQ’s:

  1. When did you drink your Teami Skinny? — I drink mine in the morning before or during my breakfast. Some days I recycled my tea leaves from the morning & had a drink at night as well.
  2. Does Colon Cleanse work like a laxative on you? — I have never actually taken a laxative, but I add probiotics, fiber dosages, and colon cleanse pills in my diet regularly. Since my body has adapted to these I think it responded well to the colon cleanse tea. The natural effects were good for a change!
  3. Did Teami Colon Cleanse upset my stomach?  — Nope!  It only made me feel better!!  clean and less bloated!
  4. Did you drink coffee while taking Teami? —  It’s recommend you don’t.. so I decreased the amount of coffee I drank.. however, when I went to Vegas, Starbucks got the best of me haha
  5. How did you use the Teami infuser?  — Actually, it’s super easy!  Just add the loose leaf tea (I normally do about a tablespoon) in the infuser and place it in your hot cup of water.
  6. Did you change anything about your diet?  — I didn’t.. I continued eating as normal.

Pros of Teami Skinny

  • Tea is full of natural herbs and there’s no added chemicals (sometimes you get from tea bags)
  • Provides your body with lots of natural energy
  • Can suppress your appetite
  • Can promote more fat burning
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Offers a fresh flavor
  • Affordable Price

Pros of Teami Colon Cleanse

  • Helps detox the colon and flush out unwanted toxins
  • Improves digestion
  • Shown to improve quality of sleep

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