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Daisy Headdress

Daisy Headdress  |  Mirrored Iridescent Aviator Sunglasses

my shirt is an old tank.. but here is an adorable Ruffle Hem, Strappy Back Daisy Shirt  \\  another Daisy Tee \\  a Kate Spade Daisy Bow Peplum Top \\  Daisy Off-The-Shoulder Top

I picked all of you guys a bouquet of shirt & accesory daisies, with a side of sunflowers!! I’ve linked a couple of tops, similar to this theme, and great for summer!! they are all so cute!! I love wearing graphic tees or patterned tops because they just kinda speak for themselves… and lbh, they make me happy!!  how could all these flowers & so much yellow not though??

& this headdress… I have never worn one before, but Headbands of Hope shipped me this one & I am very glad they did!  It’s a little different from my usual looks, but styling a head accessory was fun & different!! It has that boho, girly, cutesty vibe, ya feel me!?

Wishing y’all happiness & warm thoughts today!!! with lots of daisy love!! xoxoxo, T

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