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Customized eShakti Dress

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Embellished Bib Front Maxi Dress eShakti

So… let me first introduce you to – a women’s fashion line, where they design clothes & you customize the item to fit your body & style.  First you choose a design from their collection. Could be a dress, top, or bottoms! From there you provide them with your measurements (height, waist, bust, etc.).  Lastly, you have the option to change the style of the item. For instance, you can switch up sleeve lengths, neck lines, or hemlines!  After customizing it to exactly your preference you’ll have a one-of-a-kind outfit at your doorsteps in 10-14 days!!

Personally, I know how hard shopping for different body types can be. Some clothes just fit everyone differently. That’s what is so great about eShakti, you get to pick your fit!!! not only was I pleased with this maxi, I was surprised at exactly how perfectly it shaped my body! The bust area was just right, the maxi was the exact floor length I asked for, and the waist measurement was just what it needed to be! I am excited to order more pieces in the future because you just can’t go wrong. You are getting exactly what you want– for great prices, and endless options!

Feel free to message me or comment below with any questions!! & make sure you sure check out their website collection! you won’t be disappointed!

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    Embellished Bib Front Maxi Dress eShakti”
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