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Love, Moscow Mules, & True Pani

My Look: White High/Low Dress  |  Lace-Up Sandals  |  Jord Wood Watch

His Look: Ralph Lauren Cotton Shirt  |  Ralph Lauren Shorts

From the Post

  • True Pani Moscow Mule Cups
    • True Pani was actually founded by some of my fellow Yellowjackets here at Georgia Tech!! So let me tell ya a little bit about their initiative!! Their mission is to provide safe drinking water at the point of use. They created a kit (a cup & a lotus, made out of copper) that rids water of harmful microbes. You can shop the True Pani Mug & help them, help others!
  • Moscow Mules Recipe
    • 1 Grapefruit
    • 1 Sprig of fresh Rosemary
    • 1/2 oz. of Lime Juice
    • 3 oz. Ginger Beer (we used Blue Moon)
    • 2 oz. Pink Grapefruit juice
    • 2 oz. Vodka
    • **** I’ve been trying to find drinks that C & I both enjoy.. I am a wine girl all the way & he likes his bourbon… this is couple approved though 😉  &&& tastes even better in our True Pani cups 😉 🙂
  • Favorite Cheeses
    • C likes Gouda.. I like Gouda 😉  It’s pretty much our go to!


  • Our Story
    • First & Foremost, Happy 3 Years C!!! I am thankful for you & all the time we’ve spent together!
    • so… how did we meet?  Well long story short, we’ve known each other our whole lives! My grandparents & his parents use to have houseboats by each other at Kentucky Lake.. We grew up together, traveled together, and hung out together.. funny that it took us 19 years to really connect though 😉 — then on this very day 3 years ago, we had our first ever date, at the river front, in Owensboro Kentucky.. I can still remember C sitting there eating salad (while I waited on my chicken fingers & don’t worry he had a steak coming) & I thought to myself, “wow.. I like him way more than I ever expected” I guess the rest is kinda history!
  • How to Survive Long Distance
    • I have to say.. long distance is tough!!! wow.. we’ve had ups & downs, long trips, late nights on the road, & too many miles between us.. but I think distance really does make the heart grow fonder. I joke with Clint & my friends all the time about the snapchat streak him & I have (478 days) & without snapchat idk if we would survive.. I think it’s our main tool of communication because it keeps us connected on immediate thoughts & plans.. it’s like we’re almost there or if I was sitting right beside him when he sends me that 4 second pic…  & that leads me to communication… talk, talk, talk, & talk some more!!! when it comes to separation I think it’s so important to keep communication open & going!  along with honesty & trust! these are the 3 main things that I think are crucial in a relationship (& I think Clint would agree with me)!
    • Becoming independent.. this creates somewhat of a barrier between Clint & I when we are together.. I have gotten so use to doing things my way & doing them alone, that sometimes I’m not use to having someone else around. I think it’s good to be independent & make time for yourself, but you just have to find a good balance!
  • Strengths & Weaknesses
    • I’m OCD & a perfectionist… He is so patient & kind with me so it works out well 😉
    • We are both quick to get upset when plans change (me especially).. it’s something we are working on
    • A strength of his is that he’s always complimenting me! He’s very affectionate & I love hearing his words of affirmation!
  • Raising a Dog
    • It creates an emotional, loving bond that I can’t even explain!! & although we have dual custody of little Oslo, he is our absolute world!
    • Raising a dog has taught us so much about responsibility, priorities, and caring for something other than ourselves! So many people said, “Don’t get a dog in college..” but I disagree.. it was the best decision we ever made!! & honestly, we had more time for him in college than we would’ve if we worked a normal job!!
    • budgeting & money.. dogs can be expensive.. one time Oslo ate chocolate off the dining room table & let me tell ya, late night doggy ER trips are expensive in ATL.. I didn’t have a $$ buffer so I had to call C to bail me out.. taught me to always keep a little extra cash for the pooch in case of emergency!
  • How We Spend Our Time Together
    • since our hours are counted we try to make the most of all the time we have when we’re together. so when we’re not shooting my blog posts (yes, C takes most of my pics), you can either find us at the gym or eating out!! C & I will both tell you one of our favorite activities to do together is go to the gym! Every time we walk into a fitness center I look at him & say, “this is probably my favorite thing to do with you”.  We both really enjoy taking care of ourselves, keeping our fitness levels up, eating right, & pushing our strengths to the limits.. Our next big thing is Yoga!! we have bought the mats & a beginner book.. so I’ll have to keep y’all updated on that!  — & when it comes to eating.. 3 years ago I wouldn’t touch 3/4 of the things on the menu.. now C has me hooked on lobster, crab legs, & asian food.. while I’m working on his sweet tooth (cookies, ice cream, dessert, cake, froyo.. the good stuff ;)) I guess you could say we both really enjoy good food & better company!
    • When you find the one you are suppose to be with, find the things that make you both happy & capitalize on them! When you love what you are doing, where you’re at, & who you are with it’s just good for the soul!
    • Find a special spot.. make a point to visit there often & do your couple soul searching!

My #1 tip on relationships:  Relationships are always stronger when you are best friends first, and a couple second.. I think everyone has their best friend, their significant other, and their 1 true love.. If we’re lucky, they’re all the same person <3

& remember “love isn’t always what you say, it’s what you do”

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