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National Watermelon Day

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Watermelon Crush Bodycon Set Tobi   Red Espadrille Sandal Revenna  Lipstick MAC  

White Serving Platter Royal Doulton

Happy, Happy, Happy National Watermelon Day!!!!!!

As of last year Oslo & I started a tradition where we shoot this blog post together.. I get exited because I’m normally wearing some type of watermelon print! He loves it because he gets to lick the watermelon slices (which is rare for him.. he never, ever gets table food!)  and if you didn’t notice, I feel like he is eyeing the watermelon in every single pic… he just can’t wait for that refreshing treat!!!!  People always ask ya, “what’s your favorite food?” or “what’s your favorite fruit?” I always have a hard time answering that because I like so many things.. but watermelon & the summer just go together like a cupcake & icing.. When I think of summer fruit or summer favorites, watermelon is my go-to refresher! It’s my fav from May-August lol — but shopping for watermelons can be hard.. it’s totally hit or miss.. that’s why I sometimes buy 2 for better chances of a good tasting one 😉

 but… you’ll only need to buy 1 of this ahhhdorable body-con set!!!! It’s so cute for day’s like today, a summer picnic, concert, or girls day!!! makes me want to eat the watermelon print right off of it!!!! 😉

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