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Hello Friends,

Switching up todays posts from my usual fashion/beauty talk & changing gears to organization… Anybody who knows me super well would tell you I am OCD, I like everything in a certain place, I can’t stand when things go missing, & unmatched socks drive me crazy….. But luckily, the U.S.H. has come to my rescue!! This new storage tool, originally designed for unmatched socks, also helps me keep track of Oslo’s collars, my jewelry accessories, & so much more! To learn more about this product, watch this kickstarter video & see what “The U.S.H.” is really all about!

Some Fun Facts & Key Points

  • Joey, the designer of ‘The U.S.H.’, wanted to build a solution that can be used & utilized everyday, at a value that far outweighs its cost
  • The U.S.H. was designed in a manner that safe for all
  • Great versatile, easy way of organizing and storing various things
  • Helps keep track of unmatched socks.. that always seem to go missing during my loads of laundry!
  • Love using it for my jewelry- earrings, bracelets, & rings
  • Can store all of Oslo’s collars
  • Perfect size and doesn’t take up too much space

Hope you all have a great day!!! Almost the weekend!! yayyy!!!!

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