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A Toast to Love & a Maroon Midi

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Midi Dress (very similar one) \\ Kendra Scott Earrings  \\ Heels

These were my first real “pictures” wearing my ring & I just had to get so many because the champagne glass complimented it so well!  && I am overly obsessed with it lol —  I am still adapting to the “engaged” & “fiancé” terms and slowly coming down from Cloud 9 😉 This weekend C & I are headed to Kentucky to maybe start the early stages of wedding planning.. and b/c I am dying to see Oslo!!!!! I haven’t gotten to see him in over 3 weeks & I can’t tell you how much I miss that furry little boy!!! celebrations are slowly coming in order with our pup, family, and friends!! Can’t wait for you all to be apart of this journey with me!! I know I’ll be using my blog as a creative outlet to vent about wedding stories, stresses, and future plans! Thank you all for stopping by & tuning into beyoutiful blog!!!  love, T

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