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Bun Cuff Love

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Bun Cuff Chloe + Isabella  \\ Ring & Bracelet David Yurman

It never fails.. I start the day with my hair down and styled, but eventually I end up pulling it back! so now, instead of resorting to my usual hair ties, I carry this bun cuff with me & use it to keep my hair off my neck and out of my way. It’s something a little different than your usual rubber band! You can style it like I did, in a low bun! or rock the topknot bun with this bun cuff (which is my favorite)!

and speaking of hair.. I really need to do some tutorials for y’all! I have received so many messages and comments about it.. I promise as soon as things slow down I will get to it 😉 I have so many to-do’s on my blog list!!

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