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kickstart to #candtengagedatsea

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drumroll please…. Introducing my whole family, Johnson-Stuen-Ford, my first “engagement” party, and what I wore!!!

This past weekend my soon to be mother-in-law hosted our 1st engagement party, in C’s hometown! Both of our immediate families were there & it was absolutely wonderful!!! It was so nice to finally celebrate together and share the love!!! We all ate dinner together, opened our first set of gifts, splurged on the most delicious cake, and shared stories over wine!!

&& how cute is that message tree!? everyone left us a little note and shared a piece of advice to a happy marriage! There were so many good ones it was hard to pick a favorite! This is a good idea for any couple about to wed! You could have a message tree at your shower or wedding!!  & speaking of good ideas, my mom started a tradition about a year ago, where we get engraved spoons on big occasions! She added 4 new ones to my set, as you can see in one of the pics above! It’s a meaningful gift that is great to start giving on holidays or at special events!

hope y’all are all feeling the love! xoxo, T

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