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Embroidered, Striped Top

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Ethnic Embroidery Blouse  \\  Tank Top  \\  Denim Shorts  \\  Fringe Earrings  \\  Crystal Mason Ring

I spent all last Friday shopping with my mom.. and come 6 PM we were ready to grab a drink, eat greasy food, and give our feet a rest! I literally had a friend snap these pics before heading into dinner.. can you tell how worn out I was!?

aside from my drag expressions, this shirt may be the  most adorable one I own!!! the embroidered detailing is sooooooo cute!!!! I love the way it fits & the pom-poms are just so <3 <3 <3 It’s the perfect to transition into fall! denim cut offs, white shorts, or skinny jeans! Switch it up and get your wear out of it!

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