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Off-the-Shoulder Bell Sleeves

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Black Button Skirt  |   Burgundy Off-the-Shoulder Bell Sleeve Top Romwe  Over the Knee Boots Steve Madden  Black Wool Hat TopShop  Watch Fossil

Back from the weekend & back to school! I have a crazy, crazy week ahead of me.. 2 tests, reports, work, and of course, the usual, blogging 😉 as I am currently procrastinating studying and typing this post instead I figured I would give y’all a little update on my life! I currently have 46 days till graduation! Job? not yet.. searching.. C & I decided it might be best if I moved to Lexington, with him, after graduation, so I guess I am going to start my job search there! Wedding? well.. it’s still in the works. I think we have more brainstorming sessions than we do actually planning haha — C says he is up for whatever, which means that leaves me more room to change my mind.. over & over & over again!   Oslo? our lil pup is so good! C & I joke all the time that he is such a prince! He is so beyond spoiled with toys and treats it’s unimaginable. but that’s the way we like it 😉 we are too obsessed with him!!

&& now.. an update on this adorable fall look!! I am loving the skirts paired with over-the-knee boots! It lets me switch up from wearing jeans and leggings all the time! a black mini can go a long way too!! It’s great for all the seasons of the year! & what’s not to love about another off-the-shoulder top? the trend just keeps continuing! You could wear this one with a suede skirt or some skinny jeans! Plus, it’s only $11! such a steal!

Hope you all have a Happyyyy Halloween!!!!!!! Eat lots of candy 😉

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  1. Mary Powers

    October 31, 2016 at 2:21 pm

    I love this look so much, Torunn!!!! That color mixed with the bell sleeves is PERFECTION!! Love it with the hat as well! So cute, girl! Hope you have a great week and rock those tests!

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