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Pink Check Shawl

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Pink Check Shawl All For Color  |  Denim Flare Jeans PAIGE  | Navy Tissue Turtleneck JCrew  |  Tote Tory Burch  |  Booties BP

Tbh this set your clock back an hour has totally thrown me off. I woke up at 5:15 thinking it was like 9 AM!! So here I am throwing my post together and sharing a new look with my All for Color collaboration! (while currently twitching my eyes to keep them open lol) So, one of my favorite things to wear is an oversized shawl cause it’s like a ‘wearable’ blanket! So cozy, warm, and I love being all wrapped up! This pop of pink is right up my alley too! It’s a girly, feminine look that I adore!! It’s hard to find bright colored colors in the winter… Don’t get me wrong, I love the blacks, grey, and nudes.. but every once in a while I like to throw in some bright colors!! & this poncho/shawl is soooo awesome!!!

Hope you al have a great start to your week! xoxo, T

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  1. Mary Powers

    November 7, 2016 at 3:35 pm

    I am SO in love with this look!!!! That wrap is so gorgeous and that color pink just POPS!! Love it paired with the flares. Have a great week, girl!

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