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Plaid Flannel

Black & White Flannel img_5306 Black & White Plaid Top img_5317 img_5294 img_5308 img_5305 img_5303 img_5304 img_5312 img_5311

Black & White Plaid Flannel \\ Black Skinny Jeans \\ Black Booties \\ Black Hat \\ Black Purse \\ Black Tory Burch Pouch \\ Bracelet \\ Ring

Happy Hump Day!!! Hope you all are having a great week!

So for starters, if I could have too much of anything it would be flannels!! They are the epitome of a relaxed winter style! They suffice for comfort, cuteness, and casual– the 3 C’s 😉 — (and in my case, 4 C’s cause it’s Clint approved!!)

I actually wore this Saturday following my endless Thanksgiving meals & was so thankful for the oversized fit! The temps were dropping this weekend too so the extra warmth was perfect for walking & shopping downtown! ok…. I’m obsessed with this look <3

Hope y’all have a great day! xoxo, t

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