2016 Note to Self


Skirt TipTop Design Company  Black Top Pleione  Purse Tory Burch  Bracelets & Ring David Yurman Beaded Tassel Earrings Oscar de la Renta

Dear T,

As one year closes & a new one begins. stop. reflect. now tell yourself that there are always going to be good years, bad years, sad years, happy years. It’s what you make of them that counts. The ups and downs will test you, break you, and make you. What was this year to you? & what do you want to change for the future? Here’s my suggestions to you:

Number 1- Turn to God. His will is always more than your wants. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go.” Psalm 32:8 When your lost, pray. pray. then pray some more.

Laugh.. laugh more than you cry. Laugh so much it hurts. laugh at the small things and the big things. Sometimes you can get caught up in a moment.. and don’t let it get the best of you.

It’s okay to be scared. Scared of change, scared of the future. The life you’ve known for the past 4 1/2 years is gone… but when you get to where you are going, you’ll back on all your worries and smile (just like your brother Ford always tells you).

Money, material things, clothes, cars, shoes, jewelry, homes.. that won’t buy you happiness. It’s your faith, family, education, love, & health that you’ll find happiness in. The things that bring you joy may come and go, and your interests may shift, that’s okay. You’ll grow, you’ll learn, and you’ll change. As long as you are true to yourself, values, and heart that’s all that matters. Be your best self. Be the best you. & as your mom says, “Never forget where you came from.”

Try new food! You never know what might surprise you. but when it comes to sushi, just remember you hate sushi, and it never deserves a 2nd chance 😉 Make it a goal to eat a bowl of ice cream twice a week. It’s your main indulgence, and indulging is good for the soul. Find a new favorite wine. cause we all know wine is good.. really good. & please start using your cookbooks… your husband is gonna want to come home and kiss the cook.. all that snacking is bad for you anyways.

Light candles. You love candles!! They are heart-warming and keep your senses fresh.

Join a book club. Even if it’s just with one other person! Books are a great escape from reality.

Make your health, well-being, skin, and diet a priority. When you’re 40, you’ll thank me. Beauty comes from within, but it’s always nice to feel good & comfortable with yourself. p.s.- if you don’t make to the gym everyday, don’t beat yourself up.

Set old, negative habits free and welcome new ones. You know all the ones I am talking about…. It’s a new year, with a fresh start. Make the most of it!!

Say Goodbye to 2016 & Hello to 2017.


your true self


New Year, NEW YOU


Nike Pro Leggings  |  Nike Pro Metallic Sports Bra  |  Nike Sneakers   |  FitBit

New Year, New You!? Isn’t that what we always say?? After the holidays I’ve told myself I am getting into a workout routine and not letting myself slack! So… I am sharing it all on here so you gals can help hold me accountable 😉

& this post comes from so many requests! Since I started my blog many people have asked what my eating habits are, how often I workout, what routines I do, do I prefer cardio or weights.. So today, I am dishing all the details!

  • How often do I workout? 4-5 days a week
  • What’s my favorite cardio workout? Stair steppers.. I use to be super into running, but now I am trying to switch it up! 
  • Favorite weight machine. Lat Pull Down
  • Favorite Ab Workout. 8 minute abs on Youtube!! Y’all gotta try it! Plus the two exercises I show below. 
  • I recommend trying HIIT on the treadmill! It really gets your heart rate up and burns more calories rather than just jogging.
  • To maintain my weight I try to use my FitnessPal to count my calories. It’s good for logging your meals and tracking your exercise.
  • Here’s an example of a workout weekly schedule I use:
    • Monday-  Legs (Squats, Leg Press, Leg Extension)
    • Tuesday-  Abs (Sit Ups, Crunches)
    • Wednesday- Arms (Biceps Curls, Tricep Dips, Overhead Press, Bench Press)
    • Thursday-  Cardio (Running, Jogging, Elliptical, Stair Steps)
    • Friday-  Legs (Squats, Lunges, Wall Sits)
    • Saturday-  HIIT Workout, Abs
    • Sunday- Rest Day

Exercise 1: 90 Degree Lateral Dumbbell Arm Raise – I love this exercise because it’s great for your shoulders! I do 3 sets, 10 reps.

Exercise 2:  Stability Ball Crunches – I recommend these over basic crunches. It allows you to crunch with a full range (forward & back) versus ones on the ground.

Exercise 3: Standing Overhead Dumbbell Press- Another great exercise for your shoulders and arms!

Exercise 4: Stability Ball Tummy Tucks- I like these because they work your lower & upper abs. At first these can be kinda tricky because it’s hard to grip the ball.


Burgundy Jersey Tunic

Sanders Jersey Tunic Mud Pie  Black Jeans James Jeans Booties Red Dress Boutique Black Choker B.P. Watch Fossil  Purse Kate Spade  Earrings Moon and Lola (similar ones)

Totally not kidding when I say I had to look at the calendar to make sure today was Thursday.. like where did time go!? Can’t believe it’s almost a new year! I think it’s about time to start making new resolutions and goals! any suggestions!?

I wore this outfit last week to my cousins basketball game! Bought this top specifically for it because his team is maroon! true spirit 😉 I also love, love, love the fit of this top! It’s oversized and hit’s right at my thighs. Sometimes when I order tops like this they are too short and the word ‘tunic’ is deceiving. I can assure you this one is awesome though!! The design on it also makes it very cute with out being too dramatic! I love it for winter!! so comfy, I am even debating sleeping in it 😉

Hope you all are having a great week! xoxo, T



BEAUTEAFUL Spoon  | You & Me 14K Gold Necklace with Initials

use code: JNDtorunnlee15 for 15% off (good until 12/31/16)

About a year ago my mom started a new tradition with me… (& for anyone who knows my mom, they know how creative she is & how she loves unique things!) so, during my college years, she started getting me hand stamped silver spoons and an occasional fork! she wanted to start a collection with me so one day I could use these as utensils in my house. Now for all my big occasions and holidays I get a new one! We just started this not too long ago and I already have so many unusual ones! It’s a great tradition for a family to start.

funny thing is when I teamed up with jessicandesigns to do a collab post I didn’t even realize this is where my mom had been ordering all my spoons! As I searched their website to choose my items, I came across this beau’TEA’ful spoon and immediately new I had to have it! all the spoons have a special place in my heart, including this one that they sent me!

the necklace is also one of my new favorites! It’s personable and very cute! I love the gold  & silver two tone. It’s also available in 3 other styles! This could make for a great wedding or engagement gift!

I recommend these RINGS &  this COFFEE MUG!! so many adorable things! Let me know if you have any questions!

xoxo, T


Olive Cross Front Top

Top & Choker Necklace Backroad Lace Boutique Black Skinny Jeans James Jeans Black Booties Steve Madden Ring & Bracelet David Yurman Wallet Tory Burch

Headed home from St. Louis last night and I’m settling down back in Kentucky! I am definitely going to enjoy some down time this week because we’ve been so busy! From finals, graduation, moving out, unpacking, christmas shopping, and road tripping I am burnt out! My mom & I said last night in the car how crazy this holiday season was! We celebrated at my aunt & uncle’s new house which they are still moving in to.. on top of all that we had last minute gifts to get & things were hectic!

So.. I am slowly playing catch up on my blog! One look I couldn’t wait to share with y’all was this criss-cross top! It’s very soft, kinda flowly, and a great length to wear with jeans. I love the color! Army green is really in right now.. all the dark shades are my go to!

This look was inspired by Backroad Lace Boutique! They are offering 10% off everything to my followers. Use code: TORUNN10 when checking out! Let me know if you need anything else!


Black Lace Blouse

Sheer Lace Flower Blouse PineappleLace  Flare Jeans Hudson Booties B.P. Earrings Hint of Gold Link Bracelet Baublebar  Purse Kate Spade

Happy Monday!! Does it really feel like Christmas is already over!? I’ve been wearing so many holiday tee’s and red tops, I guess it’s time to transition my wardrobe again lol 😉 for starters, how about this black lace top from PineappleLace! I picked this top from my recent collab with them and I am obsessed! Although it’s lace, it’s not too sheer, which is perfect for the colder weather! I styled it with flare jeans to make it a bit more dressy, but you could wear it with skinnies or even a cute skirt! It’s a simple top but still makes a statement!

Hope you all have a great day!! I’m off to shop some sales!! xoxo, T


Merry Christmas!!!

Merry, Merry Christmas!!

Typing this post right at 12 AM.. half Christmas Eve post / Christmas Day post!! We spent the night playing games, painting wood trees, munching on appetizers, and doing puzzles! Now it’s off to bed to wait for Santa’s arrival!! Can’t wait for tomorrow!!!

From my family to yours, wishing you all warm wishes and treasured memories!! Happy Holidays & New Year <3 <3


Brother, Sister Pt. 3

Happy, Happy Friday!!!! & 2 days til Christmas!!

I am ending the week with my last Brother, Sister post and one of my favorite looks!

When Ford came to ATL I showed up at the hotel in this dress. We dug into his suitcase and found this yellow sweater and coat!! Matched perfectly, right!?  My mom loved these so much, she even ordered our Christmas Cards last minute with the 3rd pic on the front!

Lately, I’ve been in a total floral mood! It seems like every dress and top I’ve bought has some type of floral pattern on it! I am linking some similar dresses below!  As for Ford, his new obsession is coats! Coats, Coats, Coats, and more coats…. Ask me what we got him for Christmas.. I’ll probably say coats 😉

Speaking of Christmas… We are now in St.Louis! My mom and I came drove up last night to see my cousin, Brooks, play basketball! tonight we are celebrating his birthday!! & my Dad & Oslo are coming  today too! My heart is so happy!!

p.s.- did I mention how much I love my family!??? yeah.. I love them!!! 🙂


Brother, Sister Pt. 2


Romper | Heels | Lipstick

What’s your favorite part of Christmas!?? Holiday traditions? Decorating the tree? Eating Gingerbread Cookies? Wrapping Presents?  Every time I think about December 25th, I have a couple things that couple to mind.. mostly all memories with my family and brother!

  • A Christmas Ever tradition is going to the Christmas Eve Church Service & worshipping Baby Jesus!
  • Each year I (with on & off help from select family members) complete a Christmas puzzle.
  • Ford’s favorite Christmas food is peanut butter balls!
  • Christmas Eve Night Kyleigh (my cousin) & I dress up in our matching PJ’s.
  • Christmas Morning we always have a huge breakfast!!!! breakfast, eggs, cinnamon rolls – the whole 9 yards!
  • Every year my grandmother gets all us grandkids a special gift!!  The girls get Swarovski Crystals and the boys get Pewters!! By now we each have our own collection and each one has a different meaning!
  • My grandparents give each family a Christopher Radko ornament. All our family trees are filled with these that have accumulated over the years!
  • When I was a kid my brother and I would curl up in my bed, with purple rope lights on, and try to stay awake to see if we could hear Santa!
  • My mom encourages us to create a Gingerbread House every year.
  • The past 24 year’s ‘The Stuen’s’ have sent Christmas cards.. this year we were a little (actually ordered them yesterday haha)
  • We play the Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Christmas Album from Thanksgiving on.. currently listening to it now 😉
  • My mom decorates the house to a T!!!! my dad gets so overwhelmed with the glitter he says it’s like Christmas through up lol
  • Bestemor, my grandmother from Norway, needlepointed a tapestry labeled with 25 days.. she use to attach a small gift to each day & my brother and I would look forward to opening one each day.
  • This year I asked for a new hair dryer, steamer, a watch, & some other small things..
  • Ford asked for new clothes and a camera 😉
  • The whole family asked for more quality time together and prayers season long!

Hope y’all are having a great Christmas week!!!! Sending warm wishes and thoughts to everyone! xoxo, T


All Denim

Top (similar one HERE too) // Jeans // Booties // Choker Necklace // Black Necklace // Earrings // Watch // Purse (similar version) // Lipstick

Today’s look is focused on 2 of my favorite Zara pieces– these jeans & an oversized chambray blouse!! At first I was planning on wearing this top with black skinnies, but I went with the all denim look instead! 

These booties are also some of my new favorites! I love the extra height it gives me and the color goes with everything!! Plus, they’re super affordable! 

For the jewelry..chokers are my new go-to!!! I layered two different ones here! The dainty gold one goes with almost everything I put on! So you definitely can’t go wrong with it!! 

Hope y’all have a great day!!