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Holiday Gift Wrapping

Tips & Tricks for Gift Wrapping

  • Stick to a Theme!!!!
  • Have a variety of gift wrapping (I suggest four different wrapping paper designs and all the ribbon your lil heart desires)
  • Box everything!! Makes for a clean look and easier wrapping!
  • Don’t be afraid to Mix & Match!! As long as you have a color scheme going be creative!!
  • Repeat after me: Prints & Patterns, Prints & Patterns… cut up strips of ribbon and tie them on top!! gives the wrapping a super festive look with lots of fun!!!!
  • Stay Organized! — every year when my mom & I start wrapping everything gets lost.. we have ribbon, gift tags, tissue paper, tape, and paper everywhere… so much chaos we lose track of the gifts.. my suggestion, keep it all together 😉

& for some more inspiration shop all the wrapping essentials below!


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