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Red & Black Plaid Dress

Dress  |  Leggings  |  Mittens  |  Booties |  Earrings  |  Purse

Hang in there with me for a couple more days… b/c I promise all the Christmas looks are almost over!  & I apologize in advance for having the most spirited outfits.. full of red, blacks, greens, and plaid! I can’t help myself.. I am obsessed with this season, month, & holiday! along with this plaid dress!! It’s seriously the cutest! one of my favorite fashion combos is leggings and a dress! very comfortable and stylish!!


So…. I am getting ready for graduation ( which is tomorrow)!!! mentally & fashionably 😉 my family & I did some shopping yesterday & I think I scored my graduation dress.. along with some new heels!!! ekkkkk….. can’t believe its here!!! maybe I should blog my cap & gown!? or share all my Tech experiences.. I think I will! Once the anxiousness settles I’ll write y’all a post!!

enjoy your weekend! xoxo, T

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