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Brother, Sister Pt. 1

My Outfit: Dress | Boots | Watch | Bracelet | Earrings

His Outfit: Jacket | White Tee | Jeans | Shoes | Watch

Happy Monday!! I am slowly settling in back in KY after the busiest weekend of the year!! From graduation, moving out, and spending time with my family & friends, I never stopped! I can’t complain though because it was so wonderful and fun!!! After the grad ceremony, we packed up a Uhaul Saturday afternoon and made the trek back… we hit so many storms, ice, and snow… even the weather had me missing ATL!!!

But… I got to thinking.. as I start a new chapter in my life, why not try something new on my blog too!? My brother was in ATL for my grad party so it was the perfect timing for us to shoot some pics and share with you all things you might not know about us!

For starters, Ford’s full name is Ford Kjell Stuen. His first name comes from my moms maiden name, Ford. His middle name was my grandfathers name and is Norwegian. My parents both decided to tie in our Norwegian heritage when naming us! Now when people ask we always have a story to tell!

Ford is 24 years old. We are about 2 years apart… When we were young we did everything together! From family game nights, weekends at the lake, and endless sporting events we were raised to always be there for each other! but…  when we hit middle school & high school, it seemed like everything we did got on one another’s nerves. I think it was just our age.. Now, as we’ve gotten older, we are continually getting closer. We’ve really grown to love and appreciate the true brotherly, sisterly bond. I look up to him in so many ways & respect his opinions, thoughts, and advice probably more than he will ever know..(so, Ford, if you’re reading this.. Ily big bro)

Ford graduated from Oklahoma State last spring, where he played basketball. He is now currently living in St.Louis, coaching the Billikens, at Saint Louis University. One thing exciting about moving back home is that I now know he’s only 3 1/2 hours away. Plus, I love the city, so I hope he is expecting lots of visits from me! We are actually heading there Thursday for the holidays and it’ll be the first time I’ve ever since his loft! I’ll share pics on Snapchat & Insta for you all to follow along!!

so… this is the 1st post of 3 and I wanted to start out kinda introducing Ford to y’all & letting you know more about us as a family!! They say, “the love of a family is life’s greatest blessing”… and boy and I thankful for mine!!! so, so, so, so blessed <3

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  1. Momo

    December 19, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    Hey…it’s Momo. Let’s go visit Ford in St. Lou and go shopping and get smoothies. I love y’all!!

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