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Brother, Sister Pt. 2


Romper | Heels | Lipstick

What’s your favorite part of Christmas!?? Holiday traditions? Decorating the tree? Eating Gingerbread Cookies? Wrapping Presents?  Every time I think about December 25th, I have a couple things that couple to mind.. mostly all memories with my family and brother!

  • A Christmas Ever tradition is going to the Christmas Eve Church Service & worshipping Baby Jesus!
  • Each year I (with on & off help from select family members) complete a Christmas puzzle.
  • Ford’s favorite Christmas food is peanut butter balls!
  • Christmas Eve Night Kyleigh (my cousin) & I dress up in our matching PJ’s.
  • Christmas Morning we always have a huge breakfast!!!! breakfast, eggs, cinnamon rolls – the whole 9 yards!
  • Every year my grandmother gets all us grandkids a special gift!!  The girls get Swarovski Crystals and the boys get Pewters!! By now we each have our own collection and each one has a different meaning!
  • My grandparents give each family a Christopher Radko ornament. All our family trees are filled with these that have accumulated over the years!
  • When I was a kid my brother and I would curl up in my bed, with purple rope lights on, and try to stay awake to see if we could hear Santa!
  • My mom encourages us to create a Gingerbread House every year.
  • The past 24 year’s ‘The Stuen’s’ have sent Christmas cards.. this year we were a little (actually ordered them yesterday haha)
  • We play the Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Christmas Album from Thanksgiving on.. currently listening to it now 😉
  • My mom decorates the house to a T!!!! my dad gets so overwhelmed with the glitter he says it’s like Christmas through up lol
  • Bestemor, my grandmother from Norway, needlepointed a tapestry labeled with 25 days.. she use to attach a small gift to each day & my brother and I would look forward to opening one each day.
  • This year I asked for a new hair dryer, steamer, a watch, & some other small things..
  • Ford asked for new clothes and a camera 😉
  • The whole family asked for more quality time together and prayers season long!

Hope y’all are having a great Christmas week!!!! Sending warm wishes and thoughts to everyone! xoxo, T

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