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Brother, Sister Pt. 3

Happy, Happy Friday!!!! & 2 days til Christmas!!

I am ending the week with my last Brother, Sister post and one of my favorite looks!

When Ford came to ATL I showed up at the hotel in this dress. We dug into his suitcase and found this yellow sweater and coat!! Matched perfectly, right!?  My mom loved these so much, she even ordered our Christmas Cards last minute with the 3rd pic on the front!

Lately, I’ve been in a total floral mood! It seems like every dress and top I’ve bought has some type of floral pattern on it! I am linking some similar dresses below!  As for Ford, his new obsession is coats! Coats, Coats, Coats, and more coats…. Ask me what we got him for Christmas.. I’ll probably say coats 😉

Speaking of Christmas… We are now in St.Louis! My mom and I came drove up last night to see my cousin, Brooks, play basketball! tonight we are celebrating his birthday!! & my Dad & Oslo are coming  today too! My heart is so happy!!

p.s.- did I mention how much I love my family!??? yeah.. I love them!!! 🙂

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